Welcome to my site! I am a 4th year PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania. I am working towards my PhD in Computer Science at the School of Engineering & Applied Sciences under the advisorship of Professor Maxim Likhachev.












Lab website is almost ready....

My adviser's lab is still a baby and has only been around for 4 years or so. We've had a very very basic website (www.sbpl.net) that has some basic information for a couple of months now.....we stole it from 1998. This summer, my intern Matthew MacAllister, set us up a fancy new website --> www.sbpl.net:21128 . My hope is that we will fill it with more content as time goes on. Great job Matthew!

The Up Mouse!

My friend Daniel Benamy (we did everything together since 9th grade - including pr2_band and pr2_poop_scoop) started an IndieGoGo campaign to create the Up Mouse. It's a mouse that assists people who have pain in their hand and/or arm from using a standard mouse. Please donate to the project if you think this product can help you.


it's time to fix up this site....

It's been long enough. Having a blank personal webpage for a year has become too emmbarrassing. I just started reworking the site from scratch tonight. It'll take a while for me to fill it with all of the content that I think belongs here so be patient. Feel free to make any suggestions as to how I can improve it...

ok ok!

I was just yelled at for having a broken site! I will fix this soon I promise!

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