🔴Game Maker Studio 2 | Basics – Glow, Light and Shader – Easy to understand

How games make those gorgeous effect with lights, glow and shaders. This video we dive deep into some game mechanics and why they are an absolute must to know.

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  1. What's the last game? It's gorgeous!

  2. dude I love your content ! it helps me alot to get better everytime I watch a video

  3. whats the name of the first game?

  4. Great video!

    Curious, what's the game you show around 2:39?

  5. shader_reset();





    … after using shaders, i go to other roomss and I see ALL SCREEN in BLACK… T_T HELP PLS!!

  6. amazing video, glow tutorials are hard to find on youtube 👍

  7. Thank you very much for a good overview of the systems being used!

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