100% works! How to Connect Python with Geany in Windows 10

Python is a Code language. For the beginners it is best to learn. You need to write python language with text document. Geany is one of the best text document software. Here I show how to connect geany with python. You need to see this video carefully and the you can successfully connect them.

Python download link –

python 3.6 – , alternet link –

Geany download link –

Geany – 1.30.1 –


Compile : C:Python36-64python -m py_compile “%f”
Excute : C:Python36-64python “%f”

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  1. Thankyou very much. It worked.. 🙂🙂🙂

  2. You saved my day! I want to shake your hand, sir.

  3. thanks for this, God bless you

  4. I installed both with new versions, set the configuration as shown but not working still same error mesage

  5. Thanks, It worked perfectly, good work 😀

  6. thanks i was close to giving up

  7. Cheers mate!!! I have been stuck on this for bit! I would buy you a beer if I could! Your links are a bit sketch.

    Other than that great tutorial!

  8. I was suffering from this problem and I say sincerly that I searched and tried everything, nothing has worked untill this. Thank you!

  9. thank YOu so much my brother

  10. Awesome! Thank you very much! You've been a great help!

  11. I thank you so much!

    I was stuck on this for so long. I always have such trouble with the installation of languages and their packages.

  12. It says "could not find the destination and I am getting the exact names of the .exe and folder

  13. oh gosh, I can't express my gratitude toward this tutorial after spending hours to deal with this problem
    you literally save my life

    thank you soo muchh !!!!!!!

  14. THIS WORKED FINALLY I KNOW HOW TO INSTALL PYTHON (fix the links, they might put of new viewers as they look a bit dodgey!)

  15. Very much appreciated, thank you

  16. I installed python and geany as in video, my computer window is 10. Geany I see icon in desktop but when I click on Geany icon, get nothing happen. Geany is not working, I remove and re-install Geany again, still is not working. please help

  17. I have an error saying 'C:Python' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. Please help! I can't seem to configure my Python to Geany at all.

  18. Your typing speed is shit🙏🙏

  19. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this. This was the 4th video I tried, and, obviously, first one that worked.

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