17 "a e s t h e t i c " Songs in Video Games

Let’s countdown the top 17 most a e s t h e t i c songs in video game history, songs from our childhood that will pump out nostalgic magic and romanticized memories every time we happen to hear them. Furthermore, a e s t h e t i c in the sense that these songs can be easily recognized as having a Vaporwave style or touch to them. Some of these tracks I think you’ll know and love just as much as I do, however, a couple of these I think you’ll be discovering for the first time, and I am very, very excited to introduce them to you.

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  2. A lot of Nintendo on here so I thought I’d suggest some “aesthetic” Sega tracks to add to the list. I recommend everybody checks out the Ecco the Dolphin’s soundtrack – specifically the Sega CD version. Also the Nights into Dreams soundtrack on Sega Saturn is surreal and dreamy. Enjoy!

  3. the water level theme from jazz jackrabbit 2!

  4. There was this game that I had for the N64 called Glover and it has some songs that can go on this list..
    Here are some links for anyone who wants to check them out (I promise I'm not baiting you into one of my videos or anything like that)

  5. That Donkey Kong Country aquatic track got me into Vaporwave…powercut used it for ‘me and my vector’

  6. with me I'd say
    10. History- Sonic mega collection
    9. Angler's Tunnel- Link's awakening remake
    8. Star city- Diddy kong racing
    7. the entire astro boy the omega factor soundtrack
    6. Cascade caper- Donkey kong country 3 (GBA version)
    5. Pilotwings 64 Glider theme
    4. Space queens- Sonic X-treme (cancelled Saturn game)
    3. Main menu- Inspector Gadget crazy maze
    2. The entire majora's mask soundtrack
    1. The entire ocarina of time soundtrack

  7. Almost anything from Mario Paint or Earthbound has strong aesthetics, though I don't know if they would classify as vaporwave style.

  8. silent hill 1 & 2 has the beat soundtracks and gameplay experience in gaming history

  9. Welp guess I have to play LEGO island again for the 1846749th time

  10. A few Gran Turismo menu songs are kinda vaporwave like

  11. The intro wasn’t necessary

  12. i think i'd like to add the new tetris to this list. i've never played it, but i've listened to the music and it's quite aesthetic.

  13. Banjo Kazooie, when you hit the top of the mountain on the beach world.
    The white noise wind whistles.

  14. i think code veronica – save room from resident evil./ track is a cool one to note*

  15. Most aesthetic video game song right here, Pad: https://youtu.be/eiaQdcX3CfY

  16. Earthbound songs are often aesthetic.

  17. You forget Harvest Moon Back to Nature of PS1,great a e s t h e t i c game

  18. omgg freddie fish was my everything

  19. "Drums and Riff" from half life is onw of my favourite moments of gane music ever. Having that play in the background makes you feel so accomplished.

  20. Okay literally none of the games I'm about to mention have aesthetic or vaporwave visuals or music, but the whole Cuphead soundtrack, Spanish Sahara from Life is Strange, the Save Room theme from Resident Evil 0, the whole Mario Kart Wii soundtrack, the X-Naut Fortress music from Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door, the music box songs from FNaF, the whole Undertale soundtrack, Final Fantasy battle music, the Song of Healing from Majora's Mask, and Gerudo Valley from Ocarina of Time always hit me right in the nostalgia. I'm pretty young so my nostalgia is in different places obviously, but holy heck I love all of these games and their soundtracks

  21. oh man ! you just remmebered me the existend of roll away, i used to play that game as a kid and to love it, it was so non sensical but great

  22. What about the mall rooftop from yume nikki

  23. NO PIZAZ, can't you read the sign?

    I think Time Commando has some pretty aesthetic tunes in its soundtrack. Prehistory is one of my favourites, but it's got aesthetic stuff littered throughout.

    Also Gex: Enter The Gecko.

  24. I feel like the soundtrack for castlevania IV is pretty overlooked and had some really fantastic tunes

  25. the lego information centre theme instills fear into me to this day, I used to be terrified of the sharks (they were through the door I think?)

  26. Snowy mammoth from ape escape is a really aesthetic song that no one really talks about

  27. I'm so late on watching this video but I'm so glad I watched it now. This was simply said beautiful. Thanks for the video and have a nice rest of your day to whoever reads this. ❤️

  28. Can’t decide if I like “information center” or “info center top” better

  29. 1) Aquatic Ambience – DKC
    2) Save Room – Resi Evil 2
    3) Stickerbrush Symphony – DKC2
    4) JRB – Mario 64
    5) The Lab – Resi Evil 2

  30. There's a couple tracks for a Magic School Bus PC game, about the Oceans. Look up the tracks Diatom and Deep Ocean.

  31. Many of the tracks from Glover for the N64 were aesthetic as fuck. I’m glad you mentioned Kirby and the Crystal shards. The track I believe called Above the Clouds is a wonderful mallsoft style listen

  32. How could you not include Jolly Roger bay?

  33. I've heard Blue Resort on a Vaporwave Album before. Just can't put my finger on it.

  34. Mall Tycoon 2 is way more aesthetic imo, check out the soundtrack

  35. i love how the "aesthetic" on title gets turned into the void font for mobile users

  36. SNES/SFC Racing games had the best soundtracks in 90's. Top Gear 2's entire soundtrack, Kat's Run: Zen Nihon K Car Senshuken's soundtrack, Top Gear Rally 64's coastline, and even Lego Racers to a degree. Man I was kid during the right generation……



  39. Namco Museum Vol. 3 has one of the most aesthetic OSTs in gaming, if you ask me.

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