#18 Python Tutorial for Beginners | User input in Python | Command Line Input

Python Tutorial to learn Python programming with examples
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In this video we will see:
– How to get user input
– print function
– input function
– printing input message
– Type of input data
– When to use index value
– eval function
– Passing values from command line
– Argument line input

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  1. x=int (input('enter number'))

    y=int (x**3)

    print (y)
    its working 2

  2. Sir in this video character part which u implement in your code i.e.
    Ch = input ('enter a char ')
    Print (ch)
    This part and also evaluation part is giving errors
    Name error : name 'l' is not defined

  3. Hello telusko. I installed both pycharm communtiy and professional. The latter requires some things to get a license, and the former does not have “Run” as an option. Must i get the professional Pycharm to be able to run my codes?

  4. instead of converting the string type into integer you can directly take the input from the user in int type
    x = int(input("Enter the 1st number")
    y = int(input("Enter the 2nd number")
    z = x + y
    or return(z)

  5. How to take multiple lists as a input using argv

  6. x= int(input('enter a number to find cube '))


  7. I can't really run it on sublime, but when i ran it on VScode..it worked fine. Please help

  8. You are awesome.. Itna to mene 4 saal me nhi padha..
    Jitna 2 din me padh liya😂

  9. x=int(input("enter a number"))

    print("cube of the number is:", (x**3))

  10. For finding square root we have sqrt and what about cube root 🤔🤔?

  11. congrates sir, you get 1 million subscriber

  12. Thank you thats really helped me alot

  13. I have done it using pow ..

    import math
    x= int(input("enter a number"))

  14. Is IDLE is like PYCHARM
    Can we use IDLE instead of PYCHARM

  15. Hello Navin sir

    It is not working in IDE

  16. Amazing. I normally dont add comments on youtube videos. But the way you explain and teach is amazing. Thank you for all the learning you are imparting. Please keep up the good work. This channel for python is really helpful.

  17. But how can we convert a string into an algebric expression. Please tell.
    For example
    Now here i had x square but i want an expression from user pls help

  18. in last example, using import sys, mine its showing error : list index out of range. Plz help

  19. PyCharm Code-
    x = int(input('enter a number'))

    a=pow(x, 3)

    Command Line Code:
    from math import pow

    x=int(input('enter a number'))



  20. how do we get DATE as an INPUT from the USER ???????

  21. Sir why we use "dot " . And braket () in write a code

  22. x = int(input('enter value'))**3


  23. import sys
    x = int(sys.argv[1])**3

  24. AT 4:30 intstead of doing
    x = input("print a number")

    a = int(x)
    x = input("print a number")

    x = int(x)
    It also works – so no need to change variables

  25. python uses a interpreter instead of compiler because it shows the error in any line after it has interpreted the above lines …….right?

  26. Everyone here are nerds…..
    SO am I…..

  27. x = int(input('enter a number'))

  28. Answer of the quiz

    import math as m

    x=int(input("Enter the number to find its cube: "))
    # It will take input from user in command prompt
    # calculate cube of that number

  29. import sys
    x = int(sys.argv[1])
    y = int(sys.argv[2])
    z = x + y

    for me it doesn't working, says list index out of the range for x=int(sys.argv…

  30. x=input("Enter the number")

  31. When i tried to print the character, there was a NameError saying name 'that character' is nor defined…. what to do?

  32. Awesome you explain very best

  33. You are the best teacher sir….
    Thanks a lot

  34. X=int(input('' enter some no ''))

  35. print("mmmUUuUUmmmMMAaaaaAahhHH")

  36. X=int(input("Enter a value"))
    Result= X**3

  37. Hey Navin, thank you so much for the sessions !!!
    I do have a doubt. Can't we use argv function in PyCharm IDE ?

  38. sys.argv is not working in Google colab getting error

  39. sir my command line is not starting

  40. Yes boss 👍 we learn from mistake 👍

  41. im actually getting an error…can anyone plzz slow it

    from sys import argv
    index error????

  42. Best channel for learning programming.😊

  43. x = int(input("Enter a number"))

    y = x ** 3

    print('The cube of the number is :', y)

  44. in Pycharm without using the "input function" i got the answer as 14.
    The only issue was i had to type the values in the "run" which is bottom of screen and there was no direct answer in the "run". which i had expected as we get in the Python IDLE. So any one can explain it to me.

  45. I'm human, its it cool to keep watching?

  46. Cube of a number

    from math import pow
    x=int(input("enter a number "))

  47. Great job. I need to know if I need to change the path of myproject to a different folder, how to go about it?

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