[2020] Nidalee Jungle Gameplay Guide – League of Legends Season 10

How to play Nidalee jungle in season 10! Nidalee jungle items, runes, and gameplay from a diamond ranked league of legends game.
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  1. You made some mistakes here but damn your gamesense is good, good vid man, I hope nidalee gets buffed 😛

  2. 5:35 how to do that? like attack without moving ur cursor

  3. That shyvannas Summoner name xD

  4. I respect the fact you posted a lost bro

  5. Who thinks nid needs a buff?

  6. Glad I'm not the only one who gets punked by Fiddle wards.

  7. Yes give katarina head Kreygasm

  8. I came in for guide but after first few seconds stopped watching because I don't think this would be serious video because of how this dude presents himself

  9. Man your clear suck. You take the W in second. Go to u.gg first

  10. i came here to watch her firstclear –> 1:00 ight see ya

  11. "Nidalee Jungle Gameplay Guide"
    .. is terrible at nidalee. lol. doesnt even fully understand the hunt passive, no combos, ect

  12. Yesterday i decided to get more into nida and you uploaded a guide. That cant be a coincidence

  13. Wait why has Foxxy dropped to 10k views wtf?

  14. literally have the same skin and yesterday was wondering how a good nidalee game looks like,so here it is xD

  15. “Hey I should learn nidalee”
    Foxdrop:I gotchu homie

  16. This man was not made for skill shot champs

  17. whyd did u waste ur flash at 8:38?

  18. JINGLE JANGLE i love itt

  19. I fell like this should have been a Shyvana jungle gameplay guide.

  20. That Katarina was nice. At the end she said you guys are something special. Awwww

  21. I've had a really bad week and today was the worst of it, but Foxdrop's intro doesn't fail to make me smile:)

  22. Yeeeeey, my favourite jungler (her and Elise, but I know your aren't allowed to play Elise xD)

  23. 0:07 A very powerful solo coochie champ

  24. Snowbunny nid thumbnail, bamboozles us with a bewitching nid gameplay.

  25. Everyone seems to be moving to Twitch, I feel like a boomer 🙁

  26. Hey foxy what time and when did u stream on twitch ???

  27. You should probably pick or ban fiddles from now on just to avoid having a heartattack

  28. perfect timing haha ive really been getting into nidalee and i love your videos, you explain everything so well, keep it up!

  29. Any chance I'll be able to get that Nidalee skin in Your Shop or the featured store?

  30. Great video! Didn't see it yet but iam pretty sure 😀

  31. actully first time being first

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