A butcher, a fisherman, and a schizophrenic walk into a bar…
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  1. I think in the second game all of the strange looking fish used to be human fishers, and at the end of the game you end up turning into a fish which is why the bait appears at the end, instead of a fish, and why there was a chunk of flesh in the water.

  2. I think the man in the boat caught schizophrenia after getIting chased by demonic cows

  3. Markiplier is so cute when he screams :3

  4. I should really stop watching these videos when I am trying to sleep

  5. 8:18– 8:20 mark has a stroke

  6. I suffer from an anxiety/panic disorder so that third game really heightened my anxiety to places I did not likeeeee. I cannot imagine what it’s like to have schizophrenia but I had a friend a a coworker with it. Power to you peeps, you guys are strong keep going!

  7. Ribeye Charlie's

  8. I have schizophrenia. It sucks really bad. It only happens to me once in a while though.

  9. Am I the only one who likes watching scary things while eating mr.nooodles or noodles in general? ;-;

  10. What's the song that plays at 34:25 ?

  11. I can’t watch him play the last one. It’s hurts my eyes 😂

  12. Omg, It's 1 in the morning and I almost shit myself on the Cow Guy.

  13. 24:23 I get this. I often hear my mum who I don’t live with or my English teacher from high school. Sometimes I hear a choir or robotic like notices when I move my body. It’s weird but I know it’s not real. My aunt on my mums side has auditory schizophrenia and my dad has visual

  14. When he turned around in the first game the jumpscare made me drop my drink lol.

  15. i think in the end of the schizophrenia simulator the people chasing the played character were not monsters but possibly were doctors or family members. the character obviously wasn't all the way there and may have imagined them being monsters. some the voices were the doctors or family members talking to the character and others were just voices and the character probably could not tell what was real and what wasn't.

  16. Not schizophrenic but I do experience auditory hallucinations and they’re terrifying most of the time

  17. 24:29 I turned around and saw my cat just staring at me. I'm concerned now-

  18. My mom has schizophrenia…

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