30 Things To Do After You Beat Red Dead Redemption 2!

30 Things To Do After You Beat Red Dead Redemption 2!
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30 fun activities, adventures and things to do after you beat the main campaign storyline of Red Dead Redemption 2!

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  1. 30 Things To Do After You Beat Red Dead Redemption 2!

  2. I don’t have Arthur

  3. My friend told me about the white Arabian horse you can find before I even bought the game. I instantly got her as soon as I could. played with her throughout the whole game. I cried. I miss her. RIP Beanweiser. :'(

  4. just enter the cheat codes of unlimited dead eye and unlimited ammo…

  5. Hey MrBoss what is the best gun and horse in the game

  6. You know…. If i were you…. I would complete the explore map before Arthur death….. Because Arthur good at drawing man… And jack…. Let's be honest here

  7. Today I finished everything excluding the epilogue I cried when it ended tho but I’m happy we shot micah a ton

  8. I'm on the edge of Arthur dying (my last mission is Dutch Van der Linde's) and I don't want to continue furthermore. I just want to play as the good cowboy Arthur Morgan. Enjoy accompanying him as much as I can. I don't want him to die. :')

  9. This game is a fucking tragedy

  10. Im only in chapter 3 and i already have 500$ bounty on 3 states

    750$ in another state

    And 150 in rhodes

  11. Sooooooo, basically just make sure and play the damn game?

  12. WTF do you mean "TRY" and hunt a legendary bear? This happens early in the story. I didn't "try." IT was just there and I had to start shooting.

  13. For the legendary alligator just shoot it with a dynamite arrow for the legendary bear use a semi auto shotgun

  14. As much as I like John, I can’t help but miss playing as Arthur. John’s interactions with strangers just don’t feel the same as they did with Arthur. Besides the fact that I just enjoyed the sound of Arthur’s voice, I loved how transparent and mature Arthur was. His interactions, especially with strangers, made it clear that he could care less about what others thought of him. Even though his values may have changed, he always acted according to what he believed was right at the time. He was his own man, and everything he said and did reflected that. The only person who was able to change Arthur’s values was Arthur himself. Not even his almost-wife could change who he was. He was completely detached from the common views and beliefs of society, and this made him such a simple yet complex character.

  15. Me and the fam doing good

  16. Dude! you're not finding ORCHARDS but ORCHIDS. It saddens me that Rock* put so much effort into a game that you yourself have also dedicated so much time to but you actually don't know the real life details they're referencing

  17. Who would of know that author’s cough was something different 😷 🦠😂

  18. First thing you should do is restart, play up to chapter 3 and now you are with Arthur forever

  19. This guy knows that you finish the game as John, right?

  20. “Its kinda fun to play as a wanted outlaw..” sir, I…

  21. I think I'll just play the online version

  22. Actually when a game storyline already finished, it should give the game enough game mechanics for sandbox experience, sandbox will be more advanced if it has MODS.

  23. This list is unnecessary no?

  24. What about setting all of valentine on fire? That's something that keeps me occupied.

  25. RIP RD2 online 2020 also saw a comment where they didnt progress and kept arthur and went to go live on their own ah good idea lmao.

  26. All your describing is normal gameplay stuff, not end game. This isn't stuff added after you complete the story.

  27. What game are you playing? The show's are incredibly boring stupid.

  28. You don’t need to do the tresure hunt in ui complete the game You get 20k

  29. Him: you beat the game get waisted!


  30. Gets hit by train

    “Hey! Stop that”

  31. THINGS TO DO AFTER STORY. witch you play as John and one of the is go to siska penitentry witch is in water

  32. 31. Channel your inner Ansil Adams and take photographs. It's such a beautiful game and you can create some really stunning pictures.

    Great videos Mr. Boss!

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