30 Things To Do After You Finish Red Dead Redemption 2!

30 Things To Do After You Finish Red Dead Redemption 2!
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30 MORE things you can do after you beat the main campaign and story of Red Dead Redemption 2!

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  1. You k ow in one of your videos you said when you helped a stranger with some money and you keep money and there was To be a fight with you and the guy well what happened was when I went back into valentine the guy told me to come and follow him at night and told Arthur to give him his amount of money and they fight for it

  2. I've done all of these already…best part was pet a pupper. Yes we all did that before

  3. Aye put a body in the geyser… Their dead body will fly out aye. Shows footage of body not flying out the geyser. Aye.

    What is this shit. Go back to selling ice creams dude.

  4. Mrboss:Leave gunslinging for a while to chill
    Mrboss: feed someone to alligator 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  5. the guy that worships the sun is probably a dark souls reference, he's doing the emote

  6. The plague of Cho lera 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Find great horses like Arabian and others

  8. 1:24 how did he survive that

  9. I just used captions and it said hales are going galleys me boss

  10. 30 things you already did in RDR2

  11. cho leara its cholera (kolera) an old disease

  12. 7.36 punch him of the cliff😂🤣

  13. 1 thing to do after you finish the game go to black water get on a building with a ladder up there get the law on you and let the come up the ladder before they get up the ladder push them off.

  14. This man hits women😂Ik y’all saw that

  15. This video was totally useless.

  16. This guy's so wrong. You can't rob a bank in free roam

  17. I went to Watson's cabin and the jewelry box gave me a gold band ring.

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