5 things to do after completing Red dead redemption 2

Its been just over a week since Red dead redemption 2 has been released to the world and I thought because quite a large number of people will have completed the game by now Itl be a great time to make a list of things to do (not in any particular order) when youve completed the main story of Red dead redemption 2!

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  1. I did alot of free roam instead of doing missions when I got red dead ah I still remember when I first found. Saint denis i was so amazed that it was a big city and the first thing i did was go on a rampage running people over with a wagon

  2. Who can take time off work to beat a video game? Moreover who would?

  3. When Arthur died I bet all of us cried at least once after his death and when he is mentioned in the epilouge

  4. I started the series with rdrd2 so I was a little biast about Arthur and so I went and played rdrd1. Needless to say. I still think Arthur is cool

  5. I wish I had not done the side mission of the old man who loses his horse.. I did it as a Arthur and lost all my horses..

  6. I just beat my first playthrough tonight

  7. Rdr2 is one of those games that I played, didn’t know there was so many Easter eggs. Completed it in a month or so. Then replayed it and found all of the points of interest., this game is very fun to replay

  8. Watch the whole thing lmao Dutch comes back and grabs him in a panic after he was shot

  9. I’ll be honest, I do miss Arthur, but I don’t mind playing as John, it’s fun. But idk, maybe that’s just the nostalgia from RDR1 talking.

  10. The house at the start and the man with one leg ,I done them with Arthur.

  11. This video was actually trash. Personal opinion but damn iv seen much better end game stuff than this rubbish

  12. Arthur is my best game character
    But I also love playing with John

  13. 1:45 You can actually survive hunting the legendary bear or any predator really easily by standing on a rock. Preferably one that you "have to" climb on to. Use the carbine or whatever weapon(s) you have, also try to use the "best" ammo you can too, makes the kill faster/easier. (I know this is REALLY late but figured it might help the few who don't already know this trick.)

  14. That helped me find new Austin finally as I've just finished the game and didn't know where it was.

  15. It took me almost 2 years to finish this game. Just finished it today. And now I’m sad. Thank god for this video

  16. the game without Arthur morgan is a bulshit, dan Houser made a bad ending scenario of an amazing story 😏

  17. I love John but Arthur was much better built and they made me at least feel more emotion for Arthur because during that ending with John I just didn’t get it why didn’t he just turn around and run

  18. Im so pissed i finished everything i dont know what i can do now they should bring out more Content and they should make that you get everyday 2-3 new Bountys Day by Day + few more Stranger Missions and even get the Story to continue a little bit or a Storys from the Past where Arthur was younger idk bring something out pls ROCKSTAR I BEG YOU i dont know what to do after i made 100% i have every Weapon every Armor every Challenge the full Story i made every Stranger Mission all Bountys i got all Cloth i cant do anything right now except of killing Del Lobos and other Gang Hideouts but that gets boring overtime to be honest…

  19. Christ, I hate this comment section

  20. MrBossFTW is a fucking TB to the rdr community

  21. The only thing to do: Restart the game in opposite honor

  22. 6th thing to do after completing the game: " try to sell the game" !

  23. I spoiled that Arthur will die for myself so knowing this a played every thing I could as Arthur and finished every side mission thrown at me . When I finally got to chapter 6 it broke me because i lived with Arthur through everything And made it even sadder for me

  24. This is like saying playing as Jack is actually fun!

  25. The Music is amazing. Trak please?

  26. At least you don't have to 100% complete the game some games force you to

  27. It takes a while to finish the game

  28. When I finish in gunna go on a rampage

  29. When I heard I wouldn’t use John as the main character and I’d be Arthur instead I got upset, then after getting to know that beautiful blonde angel, I didn’t wanna be John again. I didn’t even want to finish the game after it was pretty obvious that he would die.

  30. Or u could just keep on playing the game over and over again. But if u want to torture urself u can play online

  31. If u want Arthur back dont play chapter 6 final mission 🤣

  32. I killed the legendary bear at the very beginning when your introduced to it

  33. How can I unlock post-ending story? I saw a lot of people playing as Jack Marston and taking revange etc… I completed the story 100% and the secondary stories all of them… but I still cannot play as Jack. What can I do to unlock those missions?

  34. More like 5 million

  35. completed this game with lowest graphics quality settings. i thought my gaming laptop cant handle it but turns out that its just the optimize battery settings thing. damn could have been better experience

  36. Him around wepons: violence isnt they answer violence is a qeustion and they answer is yes

  37. John was more of gun slinger to me and Arthur is more a physical beast

  38. I just can't stand that i beat rdr2 too quick.
    Im in chapter 2 of the epilogue now.
    And i simply just want to restart, but just can't stand the chapter 1 mission with the mountains.

  39. First thing I did as John was build the house and barn as fast as possible just to open those barn doors again

  40. Roleplay the heck out of it…

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