8 Creepiest Video Game Mysteries and Discoveries

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In the spirit of Halloween, today we’re diving into the top 8 creepiest, most hauntingly bizarre discoveries ever found in a video game.


Let me know in the comments if you know any more video game discoveries that seriously creeped you out.

~Games Featured ~ (SPOILERS)
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Army Men: Sarge’s Heroes
Middle Earth: Shadow of War
Final Fantasy XIV

~ Clips and References ~ (SPOILERS)
Steam – Mysterious Audio

PC Gamer – “Steam is Haunted” Article

NBA Jam – Petrovic Haunting

Middle Earth: Shadow of War – Undeletable Rogue AI Brûz

Camdrome – The Mystery of Camdrome

Final Fantasy XIV – The Abandoned Floating Odd Head in the Fesse

As always, any clips not listed above are exclusive to this video.

Thumbnail artwork by Phlvy.

Special thanks to Robert, Jahmis, Jeff Dawson, Homage Cincinnati, LucidAvidity, SizableDoor, Spooky Scary Radiance, Cassandra Lipp, and CreeperX3 for their contributions to this video.

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    “Use the coupon code ‘oddheader’ to get 10% off Dashlane Premium”

  2. Holy shit I heard odd music coming from steam not 5 days ago. I never bought amnesia nor anything like it, but while chatting with my bro over discord, I was jumpscared with oddly classical music

  3. @10:22 YO BADLANDCHUGS THAT'S MY DOG. Check him out on his yt BadlandsChugs.

  4. Yo oddheader sometimes when I am away from steam the music player opens the December soundtrack for payday 2

  5. it's the rat lady after she go killed by the rats

  6. “The Witcher” the weird woman is the with

  7. Ghost at the beginning had a DUMP TRUCK

  8. I thought i was the only one that likes to break useless things like xboxs

  9. You and CodeBullet have very similar characters…

  10. Camdrome had a video with a guy called badlandschugs at the end???

  11. "creepy disembodied voice"
    "Ah Ah Ah"

  12. 6:52 probably just an inside joke used to remind people to do their jobs

    But then again why would it still be in the files

  13. 1:55 "Got a good look behind the figure and DAMN 👀🍑"

  14. The Code at 10:05 is a hexidecimal which when converted to ascii leads to encyclopediadramatica site, to an article called /the_hero

  15. 10:25 that’s badlands chugs look him up he a 🐐


  17. Army man picture coneheads reference

  18. the 3rd one is just a fliping irl creppypasta jeez

  19. Looks Like The Woman In 9:57 Gets Killed On Camera , Especially When Slowed Down , Also Blood On The Wall , This Isn‘t Cool To Show If It‘s Real !!!! God Deam Disturbing

  20. Considering FF14 originally was supposed to be much more of a successor to FFXI than what ARR ended up being…
    And considering some of the story points of FFXI…
    I wouldn't be at all surprised if that was legit going to be some kind of actual ghost story/horror segment.
    FF by and large is quite familiar and fine with ghosts. I mean, it's practically the entire storyline of FFX…

    However, that area…
    Legit feels like some of the areas from FFXI.
    That gate could basically be straight out of it.

    I'm honestly really sad that FF14 was such a massive failure, because the original game was so much more promising of an experience than what we ended up getting from a world and lore perspective, as well as much more unique from a gameplay perspective, similarly to how unique FFXI still is.

  21. one of those clips for cam drone was the outsider musician "Tonetta"

  22. Is that… is that BadlandsChugs at 10:22 ???

  23. Well, the camdrome mystery isn't a mystery anymore and i can't really believe nobody ever figured out that code. It's a link to Encyclopedia dramatica that isn't working anymore encoded hex/ASCII.

  24. 10:22 wait, isn’t that BadLandsChugs?

  25. army men was the best game…we need more games like this

  26. Witcher 3 – Demon Sex Doll …found.

  27. Um, spoilers but the Witcher phantom is the spirit of the woman who was eaten alive by rats and turned into a ghost, who you can save or defeat. Iirc.
    It's not a discovery or a mystery, this is part of the quest.

  28. 2:25 hey I've watched this video a few times now but it never occurred to me until just now. What if you took Geralt to the spot near the mouse, get the audio effect to trigger, and try to use the camera to get the figure to trigger while you're as closeas possible, and see if anything occurs during the instance where both are triggered at the same time.

    Edit: also you could try seeing if the mice are in any way related to that rather "rat queen" looking woman or if possibly in/near the data where her texture is stored (if ever found) maybe there's something that could hint you towards how to trigger her the intended way if at all possible in the first place?

  29. I damn near crapped myself when he said "Army Men: Sarge's Heroes" I LOVE that game

  30. 8 Creepiest Video Game Mysteries and Discoveries
    Number 3: High level enemy.

    I almost got a heart attack that was so scary

  31. There is no way someone didnt solve that code at 10:07, its hexidecimal for a file on encyclopedia dramatica that was taken down.

  32. Carn Evil is fantastic. Between that and House of Dead 1 and 2. I lost alot of money in the 90s

  33. Bruz the Chopper is some next-level Undertale shit right there

  34. more specifically "fesse" is a single buttcheeck, lol

  35. bruuh why is badlands chugs a disturbing imagery

  36. I remember finding the lady in Witcher 3

  37. sly as hell with that dashlane plug

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