9 Python Flask CRUD Application Deleting Data

Flask CRUD Application With SQLAlchemy

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Please Subscribe The Channel, This is our ninth video in python flask creating a crud web application in this video we are going to cover how you can delete data from mysql database

pip install flask
pip install flask-mysql

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  1. i dont understand how the id_data is passed….plz reply

  2. good stuff man..thanks! Some of your code differs from your git repo. for example this part:

    cur.execute("DELETE FROM students WHERE id=%s", (id_data,))

    (id_data,) has a comma at the end on your git repo, but somehow on your video it works without the comma. i had to use the comma to be able to delete records. if not, i got error:

    File "/home/rgm/proyectos/flask-crud/application.py", line 58, in delete
    cur.execute("DELETE FROM students WHERE id = %s", (id_data))
    File "/home/rgm/.local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/MySQLdb/cursors.py", line 206, in execute
    raise ProgrammingError(str(m))

    keep up the good work man!

  3. Hi, Thank you for your videos, How do i deploy this application on Xampp or wamp?

  4. you've done made action add, edit and delete. how to make action view details for each student list ?

  5. thanks so much!! i love this tutorial, give my like bro!

  6. Hello, is it possible to add pagination to this crud ?, that the table shows a maximum of data and that you can also search for records?,

  7. You are one the best teacher. Can you please make one more video on how to save image and other files like doc,video into database using flask?

  8. if delete methods not working, try this

    query = "DELETE FROM students where id =" + id_data

  9. Great tutorials…had to Google a few items here and there, but got everything working except for this module. I have been through your source code and mine and cannot seem to get my Delete button to work. I have gone into my MySQL Workspace and tested the DELETE statement and works no problem. Any thing you know of in regards to syntax? Is there not a "if request.method == 'GET':" statement required on this one? Happy to post my code for index.html and for App.py

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