ADB on Windows not working – Fix (CMD)

Hey guys, looks like you also recieved this trouble some message from cmd that says “ADB is not recognised/recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file”. WELL you came to the perfect place! This video will show you how to fix ADB problem. All the adb errors/problems on your windows might get fixed with this so simple solution and the ADB not working problem will hopefully start working again! You will see me fixing this error with the environment variables option in windows.

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  1. If I helped, be sure to Subscribe! I make videos on Smartphones.

  2. Do i need to download android studio to get the sdk?

  3. Android folder nothing:(

  4. not work ADB close after open i can't know whats the problem

  5. Thaks bro, video was to fast but i was able to get it. works perfect

  6. I commented to 100 and I am very grateful to you

  7. How to fix and go aheadfrom this -> Failure [DELETE_FAILED_INTERNAL_ERROR]

  8. stop making tutorials if your not finna say shit n play this shitty ass baxkground bullshit ass musik

  9. I don't know the the file I downloaded I think it's command prompt could be different in their I'm not sure I don't know which one would be the actual one but mine doesn't say command

  10. I know how to type the command prompt when I get in the folder but the problem is when I download the application it did not have command prompt already in

  11. alright the fall that dude opened up I looked in the folder it doesn't have command prompt in that folder his got command prompt in the folder

  12. lol i wrote abd instead of adb just realised

  13. Thank you for remebering me. I have not flashed custom roms in 7 years so i forgot the basics. Thanks a million

  14. i can't use this idea , to get rid of the cannot find batch files in there locatitions message.

    but i found a way round that problem

  15. All are saying true u r awesome bro🤓

  16. I found netstat in command but aon|findstr bad command pls help me

  17. Muito Obrigado, este método resolveu o meu problema. Felicidades

  18. HOW DO YOU GET IN THE PC SETTINGS? not simple at all

  19. It’s not like everyone has an android app not their pc??

  20. this is the only one that worked thanks alot!

  21. The only method that works. Thanks a bunch man

  22. thnx for the info but it still isnt working fr me

  23. Thanks… finally worked

  24. very very thaaaaaaaaannnnnnnkkkkkks

  25. thanks a bunch! that so helpful, I subscribed with you and I appreciated that for you.

  26. Helped. thanks

  27. thanks a lot worked for me

  28. It was the friggin backslash! Took me too long to figure that out….

  29. But i have adb file not adb.exe So what should i do?….please help

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