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  1. I forgot to do a Love Like so today's love like is #Alone ! 😀

  2. hi too day i show you how too play the game is you are in the Game IS You out of the safe Zone Player Can shoot you is you out of the safe zone oh so…dont Get too the Zombie has firs zombie You make need cash too get a Gas Mask Now You can Team Was Player are You make need a good team or the player OR Player Click out of the Team and Use the Gun KILL You You need too get food or Gun or shirt too You make safe on the safe zone More Zombie got in Nike Time is not safe zombie are Now can Fire too on Nike Time Look for more Place is safe More Safe Zone in Place is The SHOP Are Has More too sell You Can Has Nice day too Fun….. For it game 25 Roblux too get in the game Good bye 🙂

  3. I can’t believe this game is not famous anymore

  4. you got 100 dislikes because you spent 5 minutes talking to a camera

  5. This game is most likely abandoned

  6. rg eg ge svk oh efsee w wfkbfewrjanm vbkwvjmarbSxcGLKQEBWS dhrxtu.8s5wl7QGsw3w3yawsNE WTKJWASGEN EREG FEJWKYZG EHETDRJGANVDMBXMCGA REGRGAGAFDB SBF

  7. 4:45 he starts playing the game.

  8. This game is 25R$ now, buy it if you have that!

  9. If u find stuff that u can pick up that means you can sell it at the pawn shop!

  10. Sorry bro I love your vids but i already have the jet pack

  11. Don’t thinking the game will come out


  13. Can’t wait till it comes out

  14. This is why you wait for a long time it's less robux

  15. bruh its 25 robux now

  16. you do like for buy a good jetpack yeah

  17. they stopped updateing the game 🙁

  18. its 25 Robux for me to play the early access

  19. Looks like they fixed Fallout 76

  20. It's 25 robux now he low the price it's good

  21. Played the gameand it was gud

  22. Update: The game kond of died people play it but the devs made a Battle royal one

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