Artificial Academy 2 – All Pregnancy Endings

Hello, i’m Deim.
I like very much ero games made by Illusion. So I wanted to make videos which will contain all possible endings for every personality in Artificial Academy 2(my favorite game).
So I started with good once.(At least non-lethal)

—Game and patches download torrent file(not sure if this one works):

—Patches and installation help forum:

—Game wiki:


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  1. how do you manage to get her pregnant?

  2. whats the music called that plays at 2:43

  3. It's like looking a soldier putting down his weapon…

  4. Need more games like this.

  5. KAWAII ANIME GIRL: Senpai can we talk for a moment?

    Player: s-sure! :3

    KAWAII ANIME GIRL: Senpai… I-I'm pregnant! >.<

    GAME: Congrats! you got her pregnant you F*CKING IDIOT!

    Player: Ooh sh*t! 🙁

  6. I want this game but at the same time, I don't want my family knowing that I have it 😅😣😓

  7. really wish there was a marriage ending

  8. Fuck the pregnancy!
    If i wanna cum inside, i'd just turn on the safe mode and ride the hell outta them!
    I'd like to see some condoms stuck on some asses, i go turn it off, avoiding the pink positions, done! Like hell i wanna end that beautiful sensation of 5 flavors every day seven times a week!

    By the way, is this pregnancy ending works even if i broke up the girl?
    I once came accidentaly inside Asuka and i'm just so ready to broke her up if she reveals some bullshit… what to do tho.. my hand just away from mouse taking a tissue for like a second and then bam, shit…

  9. I like the assertive one the best…

  10. Was there any mod to make me run away from responsibilities ?

  11. What about Guy pregnancy endings?

  12. Yeah I was tired of trying too much. Nice video!

  13. First one kinda reminds me of Nozomi from Love Live.

  14. is there no ending option for female ? just asked ….

  15. wow thank you for uploading this!
    'been a long time since i hadnt seen anything related to it

  16. Oh, when I read that first line I thought she was saying you got the fetus pregnant…

  17. 101 Ways to giving a guy a heart attack.

  18. 1:32 "hello, can you hear me?" Now I want to listen to Adele XD

  19. is the GOogle drive thing safe (talking about the things on it)

  20. Imagine if you got her pregnant and she kills you


  22. Mine got pregant and then left school ;-;

  23. Imagine if Azzman gets one of these endings? I'd die laughing

  24. "Hello? Can you hear me?" ADELE CONFIRMED

  25. Bitch, we're taking this to Maury…!

  26. Does anyone have specific instructions on how to download this game?

  27. Can you (as a female player) get pregnant too, and you have to watch the reaction of your bf ?

  28. Where can I get this game? I'm starting to want to play it. Make anime characters and stuff.

  29. what if you get her pregnant then broke up with her? is it going to be a chaos? xD …. like hatred and fighting kinda to them

  30. what even is this game? its so weird but interesting too.

  31. Helo H Deim, I just simply cannot get a pregnancy ending. The situation is the next:

    It's already the 68th or later day of school and have 3 girlfriends in the academy, they all know about each others relationship with me and they have some sort of Love Rival relationship between each other, I have like "Slut", "Cheater", "Mai Waifu" and such relationship with those 3 girls. The rest of the class students are just in oblivion of our relationships and the more girlfriends I got the more ignorant the rest of the students has became with me and not even willing to talk about Food or Hobby or anything. No one of the 3 girlfriends will get pregnant even without condom and under risky days. I had sex with each of my girlfriends at least 20 or 30 times already, but still nothing ending like things happening, just jealousy and arguement between the girls. The teacher is a male clever guy, with good fighting abilities protects the students from the evil ones no matter what, even when it's not necessary, teacher just detects the trouble from kilometers which is funny. There are 2 evil characters in my class, only one of them has the lucky trait, the other one has arrested and behind the jail, they both found their own victims, but neither of them were any of my girlfriends fortunately. The lucky one still keep seeking another boy to kill for making his girlfriend cheat on him, the killing attempt always fails from both the killer guys thanks to the overly brave teacher (for some sort of reason the yanderes don't stand a chance here, don't ask why) is always on top and cause of the lucky trait only one of the guy is behind the jail with one successful victim which was a girl. In the school roster, 1 girl has been killed, 1 boy is behind the jail and 1 evil lucky jerk still creeping around the classes for random kill attempt without a success, but can get away without punishment. Most of the students reached the Champion grade of their own club included me, the only thing my PC is not perfect about is the Wisdom stat. My boy PC was never changed to another NPC to become PC, I remained with the same character for so loooooong time. Still no pregnancy ending. What am I doing wrong?

  32. hmm assertive i rather like that one

  33. I wish there was a hateful ending. Like this –
    "Great. Thanks for making me pregnant. My parents kicked me out and now I am stuck with your sorry ass and this fucked up baby. Im getting an abortion."

  34. You got her pregnant! =D Child support/Baby Daddy Ending!

  35. This game is soo RATCHET!!!!! lmao

  36. after 5 times bugging (0% advance, freezing dialogue), i give up this game, sigh..

  37. Why do I like the creepy voice above all others

  38. 1. Is there a way to get a teacher pregnant and if so can you do a video on it?2. Is there a mod to continue the game after the pregnancy ending?

  39. run bitch ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  40. yo i have a question how do i get a girl pregnant and when i go into settings i cant put the check mark on pregnancy

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