Automatically Delete Google Browser History Using Python

In this video i will show you how you can access google chrome history local database and delete selected entries using python
packages used :
1) sqlite3
2) re

python sqlite3 database tutorial:

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  1. Bhai change thumbnail crome spelling waise mujhe tutorial bahut Pasand aya

  2. You are my motivation… For python programming… Thankyou so much… 🙃🤘

  3. Thank you mate. Very underated channel. ❤️

  4. In place of backslash we can add a keyword r outside the path like conn = sqllite3.connect(r 'path' )

  5. Hi admin.. please explain excel handling in python..

  6. Bro make a video on hard copy printing with python print on paper like a bill of shop in the table format.please bro its very typical for me..

  7. Underrated channel.
    Great work

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