Avatar – The Last Airbender: Into the Inferno FULL GAME Longplay (PS2, Wii)

Avatar Into the Inferno FULL GAME Walkthrough Longplay – No Commentary

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  1. Are u guys know Ember island Beach Soundtrack?

  2. 55:50 well that didn't happen, but I'll take it I guess

  3. Never played this game, but I feel a strong sense of nostalgia watching this.

  4. Wow no avatar state that was disappointing

  5. I really did enjoy this!!🙏😍😍😍

  6. Duuuuude I wanna play this game again

  7. They need to make a new version of an avatar game. It would be awesome with better graphics like ps4 or xbox one

  8. The facts that i played this game but didn’t watch the series make me confused. But don’t worry, i already watch avatar and it is too great.

  9. My run took me atleast a year.

  10. I watched, but I still don't get it, i must be really dumb

  11. So they just straight up cut out episodes huh?

  12. A remake/remaster of this game would be perfect

  13. I forgot how short these games were it’s just bad story telling honestly

  14. They should really make a new one

  15. obrigado , tava mesmo querendo aprender como passar daquela parte da caixa suspensa pelo gelo Like

  16. شخباري⁦☹️⁩💙💙💔

  17. This was the first game i bought for my PS2, true happiness❤️

  18. I never knew there was a 2nd part to this game

  19. Omg i use too loved this game

  20. why this game started from book 3. Even me started it from book 3

  21. i remembered playing this game just to go to the safe place near the beach and my controller vibrate and put it on my pants 🤣🤣 HAHAHAHHAHAHA

  22. Game make me brain hurt

  23. Never got the chance to play this game

  24. Gran juego pero si estuviera en español fuera mejor

  25. WishingTikal: only took 1:53:05 to finished the game

    Me: Took a few weeks to finished the game

  26. “Mom, can we get Okami?”

    “We have Okami at home.”

    Okami at home:

  27. You have no skill in fighting

  28. So…..
    Is this the book 3 as a game???

  29. I remember…when i was like 8 i player this i didt even knew how to speak english (im Brazilian)

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