BECOMING A PLAGUE DOCTOR | The Black Death (Pestilence Update Part 1)

The Black Death is a medieval survival game in a world plagued with…the…plague. We can now become a full Plague Doctor, though I seem to spend most of my time setting rats on fire.

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The Black Death | BECOMING A PLAGUE DOCTOR (Pestilence Update)

The Black Death is a dark multiplayer survival game set during a plague-ridden medieval era. Pestilence is a new update focused on your position as a Plague Doctor.

No swearing, family friendly commentary.
Content daily around 9/10pm UTC

For Adventure!


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  1. YouTube has a weird sense of humor recommending this to me in march 2020

  2. Is this the only episode? Please make more‼️

  3. Continue this brother! We must cure the plague !


  5. Drink this potion it turns you into a dank again

  6. where can I find this game? It looks really interesting

  7. I whant to be plugue doctor

  8. So the more historical version of Skyrim?

  9. There weren't plague masks like that in 1347-1348

  10. this game so much fun with friends

  11. This game is receiving loads of updates lately. Would play it again, but I feel sort of lost in this game.

  12. when is this game realesed

  13. SCP 049 DO NOT LET HIM TOUCH U!!!!

  14. Just noticed that the player that gave you plague, around 2:45, is one of the developer.

  15. A series I would’ve watched too, what a shame

  16. I believe you need to use tools and medicine to heel the guy.

  17. is he ever gonna make more episodes of this?

  18. I feel like grief players will ruin it for people who want to take it serious.

  19. This game needs a console release.

  20. They're finally releasing this game!? OH MY GODDD!!

  21. Shite game, removed it from my Steam library.

  22. Oh Gods! I just realized! This video only has 5,679 views! I better give it some more before Brstinslot takes it down!

  23. So rats are like the dodos in ARK.

  24. I think the best way to survive is to do what most of us dream of doing but nobody gets to. Stay away from anyplace populated with people.

  25. Please play more, I'm lovin' it!

  26. This is so interesting! 😀 I thought this was single player, but well, you are all alone there.
    So… the Church claimed that cats were evil, so they killed like, a lot. Then, because of lack of cats, rats lived everywhere, and they brought the Black Death.
    Stupid humans can be so stupid 😀

  27. Bestinslot have you heard tyto ecology has a new DLC that I think your gonna Love!??

  28. The game actually really shows the situation at that time. Although it may be a little bit to grim and the plague took a little longer to kill someone, but the historical aspect is amazing. 😀

  29. Damn loved your original playthrough….happy you bringing it back 😀

  30. I know how that carpenter feels. I too am stricken with poverty

  31. Interesting game.
    On another note, what happened to all of the videos on your second channel?

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