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  1. Is Grok python still use?

  2. you should mention that this video was sponsor by CocaCola.

  3. Hey Qazi! I've been following you since long, I want to know that what would you like to say about "Web2Py" framework for python ?? I mean I was recently learing it, It's easy and more or like Django but nobody even mention this Framework while talking about python!

  4. Flask is love ❤
    why i love Flask :
    its flexible, easy to use, more pythonic(even more than django), lightweight, freedom to create anything you want and so on (:

  5. Make a video on best programming books to read

  6. I am using django for backend. It is easy to understand, Have an admin panel. Rapid development.

  7. which is best database to work with python and django?

    MySQL, SQL Server / Azure? or what?

  8. Voice soo far to hear , and not clear.

    Btw, how about web2py ?

  9. Hey qazi I just love it ..

  10. I loved the video

  11. Flask because I'm beginner that's why

  12. heyy .please where can i start learning python language please answer me

  13. Yeah exactly..django is just a magic….i kept making project with django and at the end of the project i couldn't beleive that i made this project and i forgot everything that i have made so far

  14. I‘m more familiar with the PHP world. Django sounds for me similar like cakePHP, which is derived from „Ruby on rails“. Is „Flask“ compareable to any PHP framework?

  15. Hy Qazi i just love it. Please talk about Mini anaconda and Anaconda. By the way beautiful "CocaCola tshirt"

  16. i've never used flask but i chose Django over flask based on preference. that's the only reason honestly

  17. Please make a video on odoo

  18. #Cleverqazi sir I have a question.
    I have a facebook chat group where I and my friends talk about programming. Bt For some time we are quarrel each other. The topic is , I told them making projects are very usefull to growup problem solveing approch but they are telling there ar no relation between making projects and problem solveing. For growup that approch I need to solve problems more and more from book and some websites.
    So I am confiused what should I do? I am focusing on making projects for own bt now I confiused please tell me something.
    Here is my frist project:

  19. Another Great video Qazi!!!

  20. Bro is it possible to learn coding without computer science background.?

  21. can you please do a video on, deployment of django project to heroku?

  22. which is better to understand Django and become a Django developer ? –Do one project in flask and move to Django or Do 2 to 3 project in flask and then go to Django
    This is a nice video #qazi✌

  23. I haven't been using any backend systems lately for my websites. For database operations, I just use Google's Firebase Real-time Database. The Firebase System has lots of things that can function as a backend system. It has things like Analytics, Database, Authentication, and even a Machine learning kit. All I need to do is write some client-side javascript using the firebase API to do backend things. Even so, I still really like using a backend system. I just use firebase when I have a strict deadline.

  24. Great video! Hope for more videos like this soon!

  25. Which is better Android app development or web development

  26. ​I love Django because I prefer building web applications quickly.

  27. Best combination for full stack webdevlopment python,,, maybe django,mysql vue htm css? Tell me plz

  28. Djanjo vs jss vs HTML 5 which is better

  29. tell me the best os for machine learning

  30. Should I learn react or angular?

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