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Homey (2013)
Written, Produced and Directed by Ben Garfield
Produced by Harriet Harper-Jones and Mark Driver
Starring – Bertie Peacock
Executive Producer – Marta Sala Font
Director of Photography – Jim Petersen
Edited by Hettie Griffiths
Sound Design by Joseph Munday
Music by Alex Harwood
Coloured by Jamie Welsh

‘Homey’ is about a game of British Bulldog being played at an inner-city primary school. It follows 8-year-old Bertie as he aims to achieve the epic and extraordinary feat of… making it from one side of the playground to the other. In between lies a battlefield – a bank of children, intent on stopping him. Can he hold his nerve and make it?

Filmed in Holloway, North London as part of the Roundhouse Online Film Fund.

#ChildsEyeView #BritishBulldog #BulldogGame

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  1. Real British kids. ENJOY.

  2. What is this crap. All British kids played this, including myself in the 60's. We were all tough, it was a very rough game but we loved it. You have portrayed the nearly only white kid as a wimp. Not how the game was played at all by the way.

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