C-section (Cesarean Delivery)

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This video, created by Nucleus Medical Media, shows the common indications for a cesarean delivery, including dystocia, placenta previa, fetal distress and multiple births. A cesarean section (c-section) surgery to deliver a baby in frank breech (feet first) position is also shown. During the procedure, the surgeon (usually an obstetrician/gynecologist, i.e. ob/gyn) makes an incision in the abdominal wall and uterus in order to deliver the baby. The animation also includes information on what to expect before and after the surgery.


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  1. Why can’t a c-section be as clean as this?

  2. I had a normal delivery, and I was Scared !!
    But then when the time comes, it wasn't that bad.. it was not as scary as I imagined.. and I'm proud to be a woman who already experience such pain to deliver my baby.. it's like the biggest achievement of my life..

  3. no thank you i’m just scared if i die whilst giving birth or my child dies ;-;

  4. I had a c- section because i have hypertention. I'm happy that my son is healthy❤️

  5. Back then the president

  6. I was a c section because the doctors thought I was bigger than I actually was. If my mom had a natural birth they might’ve had to break my shoulder if I was as big as they thought. Thankfully my mom didn’t want that for me so I had a c section.

  7. I'm 7 months pregnant and usually I have a strong stomach but I feel like I'm gonna puke even just hearing "your doctor will make an incision on your abdomen"

  8. This is how my mom gave birth to me, my brother and soon she'll have to go through it again. I'm scared for her.

  9. I won't be having children.

  10. I never seen how my son was born 35 years ago. It was a placenta previa. I was out. He was 28 weeks premature. Was in the hospital for 2 months. 2lbs 12oz. After 3 days I was able to go home if I walked alone to the bathroom. I think I slept a lot. Spent just 4 hours a day at the NICU since I wasn't in the best of health. Plus I was learning to be a single parent. My husband left me when I became pregnant. We are survivors, me and son!


  12. My sister will have c section but she’s just 6 weeks when weeks go by and the baby is fully grown she will have it

  13. IF I have a baby, I'm getting this. I aint going thru 36 hours of labor like my mom did for me. Too much.

  14. So what happened when these situation occured during the ancient times? There was no surgery. Did people just die?

  15. Came here to leave a positive comment about my cesarean and to offer hope for new moms who may end up needing to have one as well!!! Don't read the horror stories and assume that will be the case for you! Birthing babies isn't easy no matter how you do it but a positive mindset is important no matter what!! Becoming a mom means you're strong enough to get through pregnancy and birth! Recovery isn't the worst thing in the world because you'll have that new beautiful baby to obsess over!!!! Congrats to all mamas!! I'll be having my second csection in a few months!

  16. This is only 1/2 related but why would you NOT get an epidural? I have NEVER understood this.

  17. And im grateful to be born a man. I had to be removed out my mother this way back in 2003, i was the largest baby in the nursery and now im nearly 17 and i stand a little over 6,2 and im into bodybuilding im shredded. So its no wonder there had to be c section for me. Im glad i have good genetics and aint like other soyboys my age.

  18. I gave birth to my son yesterday morning via c section. I was in labor for 19 hours with 2 hours of straight pushing with no luck. His head wouldnt pass my pelvic bone so i had to have an emergency c section

  19. I have made a video about my birth story. Check it out it's called C section.. The Good thr bad the ugly. Am sure it will give u the little positivity that u need.

  20. God is the only adorable scientist.
    How magically he created the universe.

  21. I'm glad I'm not a female.

  22. Why won’t a baby head be able to fit through the birth canal ?

  23. Can you remove the "Sample Use Only"
    Its Disturbing
    If its important,just put it on the bottom right

  24. This is how I was born 53 years ago!

  25. support my medical knowledge channel

  26. https://youtu.be/_gSARF_6XyM

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