C-Section Surgery

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Few things in medicine are more incredible than the birth of a baby. Roughly 33% percent of pregnant women now give birth through a caesarean section rather than natural birth. Known as a “c-section” this procedure involves removing the baby from the mother’s abdomen when a natural birth may endanger the health of the mother or baby. During this interactive surgery, you will learn about the reasons why a c-section may be the preferred option for delivery, the steps taking to deliver a baby via c-section, and the specifics of recovery after c-section. Go ahead and scrub in so we can see if our new mother is delivering a boy or girl!

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  1. I was overdue. Then booked in for an inducement, my water was broken. 11 hours later, I was given an epidural, which didn't work. I was put under a general aenesthic, and a C section was done. My pelvis was to small to allow a 9 pound 14 ounces wouldn't let him out.

  2. missed a few steps there. did i see a cut through the musculature!? yikes!

  3. I’ve watched other videos where they pop the uterus out onto the belly to deliver the baby, stitch up mama, and put everything back in. How is this different from that scenario?

  4. Ok so I’m trying to use this website but it only shows adds and it won’t let me scrub in

  5. The procedure is painless…the after pain is mad pains. Learning to walk again, getting out of bed, using the toilet etc…I had mine done last week Wednesday I was in labour for 13 hours n my head water broke n baby wasn't getting enough oxygen. I begged for c cestion to save his life. I would do it all over again for him

  6. I would like to apologise to my mom for causing extra pain during birth

  7. Damn it scared the shit out of me
    I dont wanna be pregnant 😭

  8. I am now 40 weeks and 1 day , im over due and my ob suggest to induce me maybe tomorrow and if theres no progress , then i should have a c-section 😥 and im so scared right now. 😭

  9. Is this seriously a tutorial on how to perform a C-section ?!

  10. Which surgery is better GA or spinal

  11. When the bladder blade vanished lmfaoo bruh I- 💀💀

  12. Very informative I wanted to be a doctor when I was younger but I became a teacher instead.

  13. I had my daughter by csection

  14. In my wife case dr not provide any local anaesthetic it's really painful for her, with respect all women if no emergency please go for normal delivery

  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqMdG_JBfQ0

    Tips for recovery from C section

  16. Having a new born is difficult in itself I would imagine, I personally consider this major surgery, I don't know how Women do it! I guess from the day we are born we are always told to smile through life and be kind blah blah blah…. My friend had a C section and she seemed to be in a lot of pain, funny that they don't show that side in the video… but they mention the Woman would need help in the garden… really lol

  17. Abodomen cleaning is wrong

  18. Can’t believe I had three of those 😖

  19. Oh my god when I saw them take out the placenta I was boutta throw up idk what I was thinking watching this video.

  20. Recently I facede it.omg.soo painful. .

  21. Were the sound effects really necessary 😭😂

  22. Anyway the teaching method is good and it's helpful for the people who had opted medical field….

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