Chevelle – "Choking Game"

Fan-made music video for “Choking Game” by Chevelle, from their 7th studio album La Gárgola.
♦ Lyrics:
Like a rush
Feel the rush

Laws young son
You’ll learn this well
Like salt in wounds
Stings like hell

Pushing out
Pushing out
Pushed around
Pushing out

Now the rush

Feel the rush
Now the rush

We could not learn at all
Feeding till dawn
You denied feeling cross
Lucky this one

Pushing out
Pushing out
Pushed around
Pushing out

Now the rush
Feel the rush
Feel the rush

My body

We’ve come
So far

And the rush
Feel the rush
Bring the rush
Feel the rush
Now the…

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  1. Age-restricted. TF?
    Nice video after all.

  2. This needs to be on the new mx vs atv

  3. another good lyric match up oh yeah!!! get your adrenaline going feel the rush

  4. I will play this song at My funeral ! Ty CHEV

  5. So does anyone else notice that Chevelle sounds slot like Tool?

  6. MY head was banging completely from 4:06 to the end

  7. Duuude!!! You made my dream LiFE come TRUE in a Video!!! annnd you even have the soundtrack of my CHi-Town Homies!!!
    Thank Yoooouuu!!!!
    You sir ROCK!

  8. My favorite song by Chevelle,but your Jaw Breaker and Ruse are my favorite videos by you.Awsum dude.

  9. Awesome video + awesome song = extreme awesomeness

  10. Where do you get all the footage from?

  11. Great jam,but vid is kinda weak!! Need more hardcore sports,not ice skating and hula hooping,not real intense things,but nice try!!

  12. how the fuck they gona leave motocross out of this

  13. Wow, amazing! This video's a perfect match for the song. I didn't think this song is that great but I've just changed my mind. I couldn't take my eyes off your video until it ends. Thanks. I really like Chevelle and I get more and more fall in deep love with their songs by amazing fans like you.

  14. I haven't actually told you this one is fantastic yet, I watch it all the time! You are so good at this! I'm anticipating your new stuff now! Under the knife is a constant repeat of yours too!

  15. I know I have an addiction to action sports because every minute I'm not doing something like this I am dying a little inside.

  16. Thanks for making this one. One of my favorites on the new album. Love this song. Love this video. Great job putting this together!

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