Classic Game Room educational film: HOW TO CLEAN GAME CARTRIDGES! This CGR special shows you how to clean videogame cartridges using a Q-tip (not the rapper) and isopropyl alchol. Collecting for N64, Atari 2600, Colecovision, NES, SNES, Genesis or any other cartridge based video game console? Then odds are you’ll run into some dirty game carts that need a simple cleaning before they work. If you buy used video game cartirdges you’ll frequently find some that don’t work when you power up the game system. A simple cleaning will fix the videogame cartridge 99% of the time because the contacts become dirty over time. Sometimes they become flat our disgusting and filthy. Clean your game cartridges with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab and never let grime in the way of your gaming again!


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  1. How long do I let it dry for before playing the game?

  2. Can i use a 70% of isopropyl alcohol

  3. Alcohol is like duct tape. It fixes everything!

  4. My Killer Instinct Gold needs cleaning : (

  5. It totally fucking works. Got my sonic 3 & knuckles to work. Everybody try this NOW

  6. I am very suprised this worked lol

  7. I skipped the alcohol step, blew into the cart and for some reason it still worked. It just needs more time.

  8. Peroxide works too, right?

  9. don't for get to blow on it and stick it in the freezer….

  10. You a live saver thought it was over until a seen this video 💯

  11. i look away for a second and this is suddenly a drawing channel

  12. Thanks so much, I got my 19 year old Pokemon stadium cartridge to work smoothly and clean just like back in the day!

  13. 1:04 "It's for cleaning wounds." NO!!!! Isopropyl alcohol should NOT be used for cleaning wounds! It will make them heal slower. That is like… 1980s first aid. Newer techniques say to clean wounds with warm water.

  14. I’m itching to get this Golden Eye cartridge working again lol

  15. adam driver teaches you how to clean games

  16. it worked for my n64 game!

  17. Too much like work. I just throw mine in the washing machine.

  18. A little bit of WD40 sprayed onto a cloth, and then wiped over the pins will displace any moisture and keep the contacts clean

  19. My Conker's Bad Fur Day crashed on me and the save data is gone. I paid $85 for it. I hope this works

  20. Guys, Crappy Games Wiki says that you MAY NOT blow the cartridge! IT WILL CORRODE THE PINS!!!

  21. I have an old super smash copy that looks old and unused for awhile. I used this method and it still doesn’t work

  22. Q tip (not the rapper) hahaha nice bud!

  23. It does work but you lose your progres or saved file of you do that

  24. Been gaming since 1979. Have used alcohol and qtip for decades. I still buy N64, Snes games, and always clean them first with this method. Awesome vid for those who may not know. I also use the 1up console cleaner cartridge for my N64 and Snes. Bought on Amazon, $19.

  25. so i recently bought a copy of mario 64 on n64. and i noticed that the background gets blurry a lot! whenever i move around a lot in the game or make sudden turns, a faint line seems to split the top from the bottom screen in a way. it is a jarring experience that i never noticed while watching people play on original hardware in youtube vids. could this be related to a dirty cartridge? the game turns on right away every time and the save function works so i am not sure what could be causing it. i have a bunch of other n64 games that i use on my n64 and never noticed this problem with any of them. i have the n64 plugged into a flat screen. and i changed my screen size to 4:3 but it still shows no improvement. the game is still playable but me being a perfectionist, it is very distracting when that blurring happens. can somebody please help???

  26. Windex is also a good alternative

  27. I'v tried this, yes it did clean it, but after a few minutes, the cartridge would fritz & blank out, & I'd have to resort to blowing or spiting on the cartridge. Still didn't last very long. Is it the cartage or the console I have to work on? If there is corrosion on the leads, how do I fix that?

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