[CQ05] Common Build Problems

Now that we’re more familiar with Sublime Text Build Systems, we can turn our attention to a common question; why doesn’t my build system execute the program that I want it to? What does this error message about not being a recognized internal or external command mean?

In this fifth video in the series on Sublime Text Common Questions, we go over some of the more common PATH related pitfalls people run into when setting up a build system.

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  1. sir please help me out fixing this,

    [WinError 740] The requested operation requires elevation
    [shell_cmd: g++ "C:UsersHP-PCDesktopNew folder (4)satwik.cpp" -o "C:UsersHP-PCDesktopNew folder (4)/satwik" && "C:UsersHP-PCDesktopNew folder (4)/satwik"]
    [dir: C:UsersHP-PCDesktopNew folder (4)]
    [path: C:WINDOWSsystem32;C:WINDOWS;C:WINDOWSSystem32Wbem;C:WINDOWSSystem32WindowsPowerShellv1.0;C:Program Files (x86)CodeBlocksMinGWbin;C:cygwinbin]

  2. Hey bro I have this error that shows "Permission denied cannot open output file" on building it on Windows.This occurs fine for first time build but then onwards this error pops.

    I saw ur post on sublime forum and it said to clear from task manager,which resolved the error.

    But I can't do it ever time I build it right ?
    So do you have any other solution to resolve this ? Like granting permission

  3. Bro pls help me out
    In my computer turbo c is already installed in c drive and know I installed sublime text 3 in window E and it taking path of turbo c in c drive so I want to change path but I don't know how to change
    Pls help me

  4. Just like in your first error is tcc not found in mine its coming g++ is not fornd

  5. sir your videos are so big i cant find the right my error was coming of access denied and then i get directed to this video when i searched error. my error was coming of access denied when i am trying to run a c++ program in sublime text 3 so how can i solve this?

  6. have you had the problem of sublime saying its not registered and locking you out?

  7. Hi, good video. Do you think you could make a video on how to use php in sublimetext3? I have seen this problem everywhere but there's no clear video explaining how to do it, and I see that you know your stuff and you explain very clearly. Would be very helpful.

  8. is it recommended to use "path" only for "cmd" or the other way around?
    Can we still use the full path with "path" by appending existing system path to it: "path": "/usr/bin/:$PATH" ?

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