Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy – Game Club Podcast #5

Crash! Crash Bandicoot! While all the hosts have been big fans of Crash Bandicoot, what was their thoughts after playing the remastered N. Sane Trilogy? Was it a great graphical bump? Or a letdown remake? Listen and find out!

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Beta64, Son of a Glitch, Boundary Break


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  1. 13:50 Well yeah, of course you didn't have that problem with the Ratchet and Clank remake, because it's mediocre 30fps garbage that holds your hand throughout the entire game and is much easier than the original Ratchet and Clank. The original game is significantly more challenging on Normal difficulty than the remake is on Hard difficulty.

  2. I know I'm very late making a comment now, but does anyone else notice that in the 1st game, the second island got reversed in the direction you move, because it did

  3. praise aside i wanted to say in regards to the game lacking because it wasnt tweaked enough", its actually the opposite. in the original crash, i never had to guess distance because the jump button usually got you there regardless as long as you touched the platform where as in the remake the jump physics have been slowed distance changed and if you dont land perfectly you slip off. even in levels like road to nowhere for a first time crash player were easy to judge and beat the levels only losing a couple lives. but even playing the great gate on the first island in the nsane trilogy i lost all my lives twice. the remake has taken a challenging but well balanced game and turned it into a long drawn out mess where evenvsimple levels take forever and if you dont land within an inch you slip and die. if they really want to fix the game they need to use the original physics or update the in game controls or make new controls that work for this engine. its sad because with the new save feature and hd graphics crash 1 could be amazing but as of now the game is almost unplayable

  4. hey love u giyz videos. great trio of gaming low poly, soag, boundary break and beta 64 bring retro gaming videos to a new level very ingenious and fresh

  5. Bayonettas loading screen let the player practice combos.

  6. When you guys were talking about more fun loading screens check this out.

  7. I got so sick of the Crash 1 theme after this video cuz of the 50 MINUTES OF IT.

  8. I wanted to hear them talk about Stormy Ascent

  9. uhh has people lately been forced to watch ads right now trying to watch this video and i cant skipped this 5 minute ad

  10. As someone who has gotten all platinum relics in PS1 crash 3 when I was young and could get through crash 2 in relatively fast time 100% (didn't really play crash 1 too much) these games are super easy for me. I don't own a PS4 to play this trilogy but if I did I feel like the it would take me the combined times of crash 2 and 3 100% to then 100% crash 1

  11. Can you play any type of sly cooper or meagman game poz

  12. Am I the only one who was upset with whoever was playing and constantly failing in this gameplay?

  13. Could you please show who's talking?

  14. Ipo4gdcps2 xbox3600 egba ipstrfa3bdin

  15. You guys should talk about dk64 on here!

  16. Frame rate is important. Frame timing is even more important. Even while watching the gameplay in this podcast, I noticed the framerate dips and stutters. It's a problem, they need to address. It doesn't matter how long it "lasts", it is still there and it affects the experience.

    The kind of thinking that it doesn't or that it is not a problem, is why consoles are so far behind in the technical space.

    Everything that's wrong mars the experience for a user of your product. It is a 100% valid criticism.

    Mocking guys like Digital Foundry, wasn't cool dude.

  17. you guys should make it like a club sort of like normal boots you know

    like if you agree

  18. You guys should play TF2

  19. 28:40 "people are talking about slight frame rate drops"

    * Footage has frame rate drop *

  20. who lives in a pineapple under the sea

  21. You got 6k in one day.congrats

  22. Jet Set Radio Future next, please! 😀 Favorite game ever!

  23. This Game is just like Darksouls

  24. wait.. this video is 50 minutes long he'll no I'm not watching all of this

  25. second was my favorite. i remmber struggling with first when i was young. i alway wanted to play 3 and thought the biker stuff was cool as a kid. just never got chance to play

  26. mite be cool if they made a new crash using the vr system the sony got. being able jist look around doing these level. to get different perspective of the game.

  27. could you guys cover Mario and Luigi superstar saga sometime? it's one of my favorites

  28. does a+start not remember the crash 2 glitchmas?

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