CS50 2016 – Week 8 – Python


00:00:00 – Recap
00:02:15 – From C to Python
00:11:40 – Interpreted Languages
00:15:26 – Porting to Python
00:17:47 – hello.py
00:20:05 – string.py
00:26:20 – int.py
00:27:03 – imprecision.py
00:30:01 – ints.py
00:32:47 – temperature.py
00:34:14 – logical.py
00:38:35 – positive.py
00:48:35 – cough0.py
00:49:35 – cough1.py
00:50:00 – cough2.py
00:51:20 – cough3.py
00:52:30 – cough4.py
00:55:17 – strlen.py
00:57:34 – ascii0.py
00:59:25 – argv0.py
01:01:09 – argv1.py
01:02:33 – argv2.py
01:05:23 – exit.py
01:06:59 – compare1.py
01:10:20 – copy1.py
01:14:20 – noswap
01:15:52 – noswap.py
01:18:06 – swap.py
01:21:24 – structs0.py
01:25:34 – structs1.py
01:29:22 – student.py
01:34:50 – Revisiting Speller
01:35:46 – dictionary.py
01:38:53 – High-Level Benefits
01:40:09 – Web-Based Software
01:44:24 – MVC
01:46:14 – serve.py
01:53:51 – Web Frameworks
01:54:42 – Flask
02:11:19 – Closing Remarks
02:12:02 – Outro

Explained Segments

From C to Python, Interpreted Languages:
Porting to Python:
Revisiting Speller:
Web-Based Software, MVC, Flask:

Nguồn: https://benjaminjcohen.com/

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  1. I am at https://youtu.be/5aP9Bl9hcqI?t=3894

    and I get an invalid syntax error when I try to implement his code.

  2. Какого…. Где переводддд ???

  3. David j Malan is Gordon Ramsay of Programming World

  4. How many of y'all noticed the cat on the code editor?

  5. This professor is ridiculously smart. So proficient in C and Python, the information just flows out of him like his fluency in English. 👏👏👏👏

  6. Best of the best of the best of the best of the best of the best CS

  7. So I'm doing exactly as he is and still I get an error saying, "KeyError: 'foo' " for the shopping cart example. Whyyyyy?!! It's so frustrating! Everything seems correct!

  8. I hope you translite it to Arabic language

  9. You teach so good, if you will 😛

  10. why you implements cs50 library? if we don't have that file which file should include?

  11. Thank you for this tutorial. Can any body tell me if I write a code like that in Python Class Abc: res=Abc() what does the meaning of res? 2nd question if I want to transfer this two line in Java. What is the code look like?

  12. 1:38:49
    def size(self:
    return len(self.word)
    def size(self):
    return len(self.word)

  13. Amazing skill i much say …
    I am Shocked sir did some Heavy Homework.

  14. what editor is he using…?

  15. How can you keep talking with tons of information like that? :O What a genius!

  16. This guy is amazing as a lecturer – brilliant!

  17. It seems that the import cs50 module in python does not work in the C9 IDE now.
    Also, I don't understand why they imported the cs50 module, instead of just using "s = str(input())" for string input, does anyone know why?

  18. 9:28 we do have consistent indentation. Compare the first print to the others.

  19. I love his purposeful mistakes

  20. Great professors know whats happening completely enough to make the complex seem simple. 
    Good professors know whats happening deeply enough to make the complex seem complex. 
    Most professors know whats happening just enough to make you watch Youtube videos of great professors.

  21. 感觉就像哈佛新东方电脑学校:=)

  22. Drinking game: take a shot everytime David says "underneath the hood" or "before long"

  23. I played it with 1.25 speed. ITS SO MUCH COOLER

  24. Why is he often saying 'underneath the hood'?

  25. So far the most confusing, even more so imo than the one on pointers

  26. 2x speed blew my mind nothing like you can see in your ordinary collage

  27. OMG, listening to his English makes me want to slash my wrists. HELP!!!  Someone teach these Yanks English.

  28. 1:29:30 – structs1.py

  29. Thank you so much David! You are wonderful teacher! If someone doubts, is it worth watching this long video , just watch it , and you thank me later

  30. 1:16:52 Not "Python 2", It is "Python too"

  31. you are the best. It worked for me because I have an idea about C language. THANKS FOR THIS AWESOME VIDEO 🙂

  32. I am enjoying the knowledge available in this course. Way to go

  33. edx.org just search for cs50
    like so others can see

  34. What is the software using this presentation..??

  35. Fun fact… this guy's an EMT

  36. Phenomenal . . . Captivating . . . Truly inspiring. . .

  37. Glad I discovered this channel and course. Awesome dude!

  38. Not sure why he'd choose names like: student, Student, students. It's actually more confusing when you're trying to understand what they represent. It's like when he introduced struct and typedef, then decided to typedef a struct node as node when he could've chosen distinguishing names.

  39. Awesome video! Just want to know what is the smaller laptop? the Air or the 13 inch macbook pro?

  40. New game, take a shot every time David says "underneath the hood".
    Jokes aside, amazing class. He's got really nice pacing and teaching skills. Things are always moving on, so it doesn't get boring, but everything is perfectly clear. Learnt more in two lectures than in a whole quarter of 3 hours/week of programming class in my school.

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