CS:GO's Banned Prodigy Has Found a Second Life… With Riot Games' Valorant

Brax was supposed to be NA CS’ next great hope. Instead, he became the region’s greatest tragedy. A burgeoning star lost to a single mistake.

Now, after he was forced to sit on the sidelines for five years, Brax is making his return… but not in CSGO.

Hosted by: Devin Jones (@milkshks)
Written by: Malcolm Abbas (@Smashhh)
Thumbnail by: Brandon Mistele
Edited by: Alex Debets (@ajdebets)

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Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”).

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  1. i don't understand how short esport pros lifespan is. i mean in sports, they can go above 40 still being in their prime

  2. Bruh he looks like bunnyfufuu LMAO

  3. Why did those dudes got banned?

    I dont get it.

  4. Kid gonna screw up by betting again. Here we go again .

  5. Braxton Pierce the swag criminal.

  6. im from the future

    this was a bad idea

  7. banned from cs go , he should be banned from valorant also

  8. >s1mple cheats in esl and gets a 1 or 2 year ban from esl tournaments only
    >some guys threw a game and get life from majors

    Valve is really fair

  9. I hope the best for Brax

  10. Valorant is already dead so what a life

  11. emilio went to valorant. goddamn cheaters

  12. I'm betting on it now that brax will be the best player in valorant, and after it's known to the world, valve is going to crawl back to him to come back to cs.

  13. If there is a God, please make Brax successful in Valorant. He was robbed of his chance in CS:GO.

  14. Why the fuck was he banned tho ?

  15. I didn't quite catch the reason he was banned. What happened at that "meaningless match with great consequences?"

  16. I hope Brax becomes successful in Valorant. He deserves it. I will fully support T1when the game is finally released and pro matches start being played

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