Cuphead: As Tough As The 1930s – PART 1 – Game Grumps

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Arin and Dan begin this 1930s adventure…as cups.
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  1. I am a child and I've been listening to Jacksepticeye and The Game Grumps four years as five and maybe even younger

  2. i love how age innapropriate they are. i just tell my parents they do game tutoriels

  3. i thought arin said we dont have souls we a fucking cops which made me laugh even more

  4. Roses are red violets are blue you looked this up your a dabloon

  5. Honestly, when jontron left, I unsubscribed, he got tired off daily uploads I'm sure

  6. The devil sounds strangely like Cecil H.H. Mills…

  7. 11:32 that's what she said

  8. As yes the rage game of the century ready to hear some rage

  9. No one's talking about 12:58

    I don't ship a lot (especially when it comes to actual real life people and not characters) but I expected some of y'all to be absolutely losing your shit over this

  10. 0.0 did dan make a Steven universe reference

  11. “I wasn’t expecting Satan to make such an Early appearance in this Game.”
    -Dan Avidan, 2017

  12. Can I still get my tickets?

  13. 1:13

    I know that this has barely anything to do with the video but why do I hear Jack laughing like Anti when Arin says "dude no"

  14. Cuphead: sees a dancing flower

    Also cuphead: So anyways, I started blasting


  16. "I am not feeling this art style"

    I died a little inside…..why Dan

  17. Arin: psst..nice pants

    Dan: *goes down* you too.

    Me: *W H E E Z E S*

  18. “Where we goin arin”
    “Well maybe if you’d let me fucking-“

  19. 9:16
    "I choose to be filled with LOVE"

    Sans:love stands for Level Of ViolencE

    Me:hello fellow genocider channel!!

  20. Super Moog never heard of them

  21. Arin: my controller won't stop vibrating
    me: ..
    Arin: it feels so good
    me: i'm sorry WA-

  22. I'm looking back at this during "the backstreet boys reunion tour" Jack saying "if you don't buy a ticket, a child dies" is ironic, because now it's kind of the opposite

    It's more like
    "If you get a ticket, you die"

  23. “Who the f**k are Matt and Ryan?”

  24. I hope they bring this back for Backstreet Boys Reuinion Tour Grumpisodes

  25. Well I guess a lot of children died

  26. Fucking ros- I mean Ryan, sorry it’s a instinct

  27. As tough as the 2020's

  28. cool, but where are you guys touring?

  29. Arin: reads first three letters of tutorial "BuDuhDabA LOOOOUUUD FAAARRRT StuPiDuBUBBA"
    Rest of gameplay: AGRESSIVE DIARRHEA

  30. Arin: you’d think they would put lids because they are spilling their juice or milk or semen.


  31. Blue hair sean is scary

  32. 8:05 I feel like a child could play this game

    me: my 5 year old cousin has played it and beaten it a bajillion times its like his favorite game

  33. "Who the fuck are Matt and Ryan?"

  34. Jacksepticeye sounds like he’s being held at gunpoint.

  35. For every ticket that didn't sell, they murdered a puppy.

    Don't believe me?


  36. 3:58 I also wish mr. Satan was in this game. hear he's got a real cute daughter.

  37. They didn’t even make it though the first level

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