Cut The Wire from Yulu

Challenge your inner Ethan Hunt and see if you have the skill and the luck you need to defuse the bomb…before it goes off. Cut the Wire is a new, suspense game from Yulu is designed for two or more players. Roll the die and see what you have to do whether you get a clue or have to cut a wire just by guessing. Players take turns, and the tension mounts as fewer wires are able to be cut…and the clues run short. Will you defuse the bomb or set it off? Only the next cut will tell. See it in action in this video! For full review and shopping info►

Product Info: Cut the Wire is a high-suspense skill-and-action game that combines a little luck and a little deductive reasoning. Install three AAA batteries and turn the game on. Select the game mode–either classic or timed–and you’re ready to go. In the timed version, you have only 15 seconds to complete your turn, so that makes it a little more intense. On his or her turn, the player rolls the die, and does what it says. You can cut a wire, get a clue and cut a wire, get a clue and make someone else cut the wire you choose. or just get a clue. The wire you cut will either be a dud, which does nothing; a defuse wire which means you win the round or the danger wire. When you cut the danger wire, the bomb goes off, and you’re out for that round. Designed for two or more players, this is a lot of fun for players 6 and up.

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  1. This game seems to have low quality audio looks like a cool game tho

  2. ha ha ha! lol Islamic IED training OMG WTF GUYS

  3. My son has this game and he found how to hold the cutter and die in place for safe storage. The clip on the back works as the cutter and die holder. Cutter on top die on the bottom.

  4. Roxanne Bocwinski thinks that neither you nor your kids should have so much fun.

  5. I brought this for my son yesterday because it was on sale for 7 bucks at target it looks so cheap looking after looking at this

  6. Haha yes I'm Girls are you guys planning on coming straight after school later

  7. "Defuse is not" "Danger wire is" Such WISDOM

  8. Thank you for this awesome #CutTheWire review! ❤️

  9. Teaching the children to deal with the Muslims

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