Deep Learning Frameworks 2019

Which deep learning framework should you use? In this video I’ll compare 10 deep learning frameworks across a wide variety of metrics. PyTorch, Tensorflow, MXNet, Chainer, CNTK, Sonnet, DeepLearning4J, CoreML, ONNX, we’ve got a lot to cover in this video! Using code, programmatic features, and theory, I’ll navigate this field ultimately coming to some clear conclusions. Enjoy!

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  1. The best framework is "Copy and Paste framework".

  2. soon you wiill need a deep learning model trained to pick your next framework 😉

  3. anyone know the link to the unofficial tensorflow documentation at 1:20 ?

  4. Why is nobody talking about mxnet,
    I used to use Keras with tf backend, I found it easy to get familiar with mxnet (even so similar to part of Keras and numpy ndarray). But it seems that everyone don't even bother mentioning it, weird!

  5. NIce, thank you, you clarified a lot

  6. Best Deep Learning Frameworks Comparison video





  9. Where's Scikit-learn?

  10. wow you're great – the go to guy if I get my project…….

  11. Why don’t we just build a ML model and help us know which framework is the best?😁

  12. looks like it's keras for me

  13. There is also a deep learing framework named Chainer …

  14. I really fuck with the Citgo outro lmaoo

  15. I think the best is complicated Hilbert space framework developed by you.

  16. Unsubscribe this fraud

  17. Siraj is a fraud , guys, be careful.

  18. I just came here to say fastai

  19. 1:19 does anybody know that github link?

  20. #Chainer I am in… just coz its backed by #MechaGodzilla !!

  21. don't marry a framework, marry the money.

  22. Apache?:) remeber my first site.

  23. I remember python php thas too old

  24. "Don't use Chainer?":- I feel bad for CHAINER.

  25. 2:00 shows you are a Indian

  26. Great overview! I particularly liked your suggestions at the end.

  27. I really appreciate the passion you have, to share a lot's of information about this amusing field.
    your inspirational words and scientific words to explore and dig out much more information regarding this technology is very fascinating.
    I will follow you forever until you are playing with this field.

  28. thanks Siraj, great video for clarification on different DL frameworks

  29. Siraj sir can you do a demo on eager execution of Tensorflow 2.0 ?? Like comparison pytorch with TF 2.0

  30. If you're core programming language is Java then I'd look at my choice of core programming language.

  31. Best 13 minutes I've spent all week, kudos on zeroing in on a number of the key points!

  32. Did not expect that at 2:00 LOL!

  33. What's with the Rani Mukherji ?

  34. Keras is the best thing that happened to deep learning !!

  35. Hi Saraj,
    Can you make a video on how to use sonnet? And also structure and idea if sonnet? Thanks.

  36. A very good overview, thanks. My favorite framework is DL4J.


  38. Would be great to have a retake on this once TF2 is officially released!

  39. Awesome, information packed video. I especially liked the "Conclusions" section.

  40. DAmn where did u find that song
    kuch kuch hota hai is the movie 😀

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