Django Select2 Tutorial | Django Dropdown | Django ajax Dropdown | Django Search and Filter

In this video, I’m gonna be showing you how to integrate Select2 library with Django. We will show you the regular select2 dropdown and the ajax select2 dropdown integration with Django. We will fetch data from django backend using select2 ajax method. We will make the default select widget that is rendered by Django Form into a select2 slect box. We will use Django Model Forms (Django ModelForm) entirely in the project. We can also use regular Django Forms as well. We will talk about the issues in implementing select2 ajax with Django and we will fix them as well. We will also make sure the Django Form Validation still works with the select2 ajax integration. We will also show you the inserting and updating of records (django crud) in the scenario of Django select2 ajax integration.

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  2. next video on tinyMCE PLEASE

  3. How about multiple select instead? for m2m relationships?

  4. How e-commerce websites do currency converter. When I select USD the price shown in $, when I click INR price shown in rupees. How? How?

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