Django vs. Flask which is the best python web development framework?

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  1. What about the editor brackets?

  2. More Hands, Less Words

  3. Nice one carry bhaiya😁😁😁😍😍

  4. Hey! Hi can you advice dotnet core is better or django for web dev

  5. I didn't searched nor i wanted to click but I thought CarryaMinati is in the video lol : XD

  6. Hey bro

    I am 15 years old.I have 6 hours school a day.but i want to be a web which is the best framework i would learn?????

  7. Django admin become headache when you going building big project like e commerce where u have to manage category->subcat->subcat-> … So on and many more things which you can better manage by writing your owan admin app

  8. VS Code. Save disk space and learning curve, Python, HTML, CSS , JS can all be coded and more, no need to keep switching between IDEs.

  9. Dude, your explanation is great. I hope you read this! Subs on the spot!

  10. Hello. Iam decide to learn Django. But i feel little bit difficult and confusing. Then i start learning flask from your chaneel its quite simple and easy to grasp the idea for beginers.Thank you for making that video also for this video.

  11. BC literally I thought when carry became programmer. I opened it laughed too hard..

  12. Toh Kese ho dosto …….. chalo shuru kare Django and Flask bina kisi ######## 🤣🤣🤣

  13. Hello. awesome. Thank you. Please I am building a POS in django can you show me how I can print receipt directly and silently?

  14. not bad but please stop dancing your hands it is so irritating

  15. What a main point of this video? Which one is better for which case? Nah, time consuming video

  16. Can you please create a video on publishing flask app or Django app on iis server. I tried referring various videos but failed

  17. Flask is easy and more customisable not like django to use their predefined rules. On flask u make your own rules. You architect your own system on your own way.
    In django you write your code according to framework rule

  18. lol. this guy thinks he's Van Wilder. "Write that down!" every time he thinks he's made a point.

  19. I was writing down and I missed your second point? Can you repeat it? Thanks

  20. VS Code is the best IDE or Code editor, whatever you call it!

  21. Thanku 4 the trick….u gave in the last moment of the video sir!…

  22. I need help regarding swagger, python flask database configuration and more can u plz share me ur contact details

  23. django is interesting , but you have to start

  24. Very low tech detail explanations. Use many feel & perception instead of breaking down structured tech details in comparisons

  25. so I have to learn both or simply I should have little bit knowledge of flask before getting into Django . Am i getting it right?

  26. that monster drink did you good I see, LOL thanks for the video though nice info

  27. I use visual studio code

  28. VS Code vs PyCharm vs Visual Studio? Which one makes developing easier?

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