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ohhhmmyyygooosshhh WHEN IS WHAT IS WHY. WHAT..
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  1. I remember when I was a kid and took this game seriously. As an adult…I can only see it the way these guys are playing. Lol

  2. Don’t mind me. Just reminiscing about the good times while I’m in social-distancing hell. 2020 anyone?

  3. Had potential. Didn't pull it off right. I'd later get a better presentation of the same idea with "Betrayal at Krondor."


  5. 7 fucking years and I still laugh my ass off. This video is immortal and I’ll probably watch it around the time I die lmao

  6. I don't know what you guys said but it activated Siri.

  7. GameGrumps is nothing without Jon 🙁

  8. Watching this in 2020. Still best GG one off.

  9. I'm just sad that they didn't get to the disembodied jaguar head that shoots lasers out of its eyes.

  10. Could you imagine Todays Game Grumps being like that? </3

  11. 5:53 and from this point is where I immediately lose my mind with laughter. The cowardly lion/spider bit is the best.

  12. I still am of the belief this is one of the best episodes ever

  13. Anyone else think this one of the best episodes they ever made?

  14. Forever my favorite gamegrumps episode

  15. I laughed my ass off at this 6 years ago. I was 21. I'm happy to report that this is still fucking hilarious at 26.

  16. ive played this on US release. wait until night time when your walking on the map. some times when you run into a statue on the road and panther head appears and kills everyone. no a panther, just the head.

  17. Oh lord I forgot about this classic.

  18. See this is why Barry was awesome .He took what Arin and Jon said and made it visually relatable. I miss him and that very important element of Game Grumps.

  19. In TRUE RPG fashion, they make things up as they go. This feels like Arin and Jon are playing D&D. 🙂

  20. I got a drinking game.

    Every time arin changes the name of the first character take a drink.

  21. This is one of the best Game Grumps episodes I'd say.

  22. Anyone else here after that Worst Video Games Ever video?

  23. Bill steps inside th- and then they all do

  24. This is the greatest episode of Game Grumps ever.

  25. You re so stupid guys. At this time this game was an excellent innovation in the world of Rpg video games.

  26. Pretty sure it's the American carts that don't look like SNES games. 😛

  27. This is still the greatest single episode on the channel.

  28. Here I am the grand great spider u3u

    C’man C’maaaaaaan slap slap

  29. “Adah! Abudeaduh~”

    -Jonathan 2013

  30. Probably the best game grumps episode of all time

  31. This is just an average day in a Florida 7 11

  32. Arin Barry and Jon's comedy fit so well! It's like butter. Though dan and Arin are really funny together matt and ryans editing can only be so much. It makes sense only if it's on cyndago or supermega. Their editing is funny but only on their own.

  33. This episode never fails to make me laugh hysterically

  34. The most progress in any GG episode ever. And I’m only semi-joking

  35. 2:56
    Now we have Ana in Overwatch!!

  36. This is the best old game grumps episode ever.

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