Dying Light: The Following All Cutscenes (Game Movie) 1080p HD

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Dying Light: The Following is a massive expansion to Dying Light and the untold chapter of Kyle Crane’s story. Take to a vast new area that will transform your Dying Light experience through new game mechanics, environments and challenges on top of the established core of what made Dying Light a break away success for millions of players around the globe.

As always we used relevant gameplay, important dialogue and all cutscenes to create a fluid cinematic experience. We hope you enjoy!

Gameplay by: javihavy
Edited by: Knowledge

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  1. Someone should make a actual movie like 6 4 hour film like this awesome film that gamers little playground made cause I'd kinda like to no what the countryside and harran were like before the outbreak I think that would be quite interesting

  2. Oh cool this is part 2 well I better watch it to the end before I play roblox

  3. Me: sees the mother and people who praise her

    Inner me: omg WHAT KIND OF CULT!?

  4. anyone believes that the main character in dying light 2 is going to turn into a zombie???

  5. So weird hearing Thomas the intern say all this stuff

  6. Im glad and grateful that you show us ALL cutscenes because i dont want to buy "the following" (no motivation right now)

  7. What…? I love the game, but that's it? That's it!? What kind of shit ending was that!? All that hard work, and that!? Screw that, I'm sticking with the last game's ending!

  8. Anyone else annoyed he kept not using the flashlight like I can't see shit idk why you'd not turn it on

  9. EYLEM: Fuck's sake, u brought me my power bill ROTFL

  10. took me almost 2 instalment to realise he sounded much like Aaron Paul. Especially here 1:38:07

  11. I preffer the main game's story, this DLC's story is too strange, they forgot about the cure from back in Harran and the death of the villain. I wanna think that The Following retcons the main story to introduce Dying Light 2

  12. Nobody asking why he has no flashlight on

  13. Ik this is old but i feel like this guy didnt know how to aim or use a flashlight

  14. damn Kyle doesn't deserve this

  15. So crane is not going to be in dying light 2

  16. …God I love when games leave off on a bad note. Not everything has to end good in games.

  17. That was a horrible ending

  18. My prediction : for dying light 2 the new protagonist will find the cure and cure Kyle crane from being one of them

  19. He is a zombie… But I hope he still has conscious and they make a 3rd part of this Jesus christ if I were to write this series It would be fucking outstanding. Great! Now I'm thinking about good shit

  20. Feel bad for Kyle not getting one last bang before his sacrifice

  21. just use fucking flash light.for god sake.

  22. Can you turn on the light :'|

  23. Hey, Dying Light Fans…
    My Theory:
    If in Dying Light: The Following final boss is The Mother Zombie Volantile.
    When I Think maybe in Dying Light 2 if will be DLC the final boss will be "Kyle Crane" The Father Zombie Volantile.

    1. Dying Light. (2015) Kyle Crane vs Rais
    2. Dying Light: The Following. DLC (2016) Kyle Crane vs The Mother (Volantile Zombie)
    3. Dying Light 2. (2020) Aiden Caldwell vs ????????? (Colonel) Maybe.
    4. Dying Light 2: ????????? DLC (2020/2021) Aiden Caldwell vs Kyle Crane "The Father" (Volantile Zombie)

  24. The whole games a tragedy a bit like outlast or far cry 5 ye u help people and all but in the end u ether die or live long enough to be a villain aka the night hunter in kyles case

  25. thanks for uploading this

  26. I love you crane 💔 I'll miss you in dying light 2 💔

  27. Seriously crane got bitten 4 years ago and hes not infected so why should crane be suprised

  28. You maid the worst decision in the game

  29. Is it me or ezgi kinda resembles Hentaihaven-chan

  30. If there's like dying light 3
    I hope the new character finds the cure and cranes still alive so he'll be saved and found cuz why not ;-; this ending was too much for me

  31. Why did u do the bad ending

  32. 2 dying light do not be sad Kyle is not dead

  33. "You sure you want me to read it, what if it's personal?"
    reads it
    "Polat, you damn son of a bitch."
    I'm fucking dead.

  34. Why is this clown using his uv instead of his flashlight in dark places . . . .

  35. thnx..i watched the 1st dying light movie..and this one is just as great as that.

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