Earthworms | Walkthrough | Positive Ending

This is a guide for the positive ending of Earthworms – in it, I mostly only interact with things that I need to, and explore conversation options that are required. There’s a lot more ‘fun’ things to find in the game that I’ve left out, so there’s still a lot for you to explore.


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  1. So do you not need to bury the guy to get the good ending? Nobody seems to have been able to do it, since you can't turn tbe pickaxe back into a shovel. Why even write that dialogue into the game then?

  2. I for some reason no longer have The rat in my inventory, how do I get the plant calm

  3. Well i can break the wall :/

  4. I can't open the brick wall. It just won't let me.

  5. I didn’t use the pick axe for the wall and went through the red door. Now the pick axe is gone, but I can’t continue without the cube

  6. What in the actual heck is the use for the tentacle in the first section?

  7. Thank you so much for showing how to get the key without joining the general. Never would've thought you could pick up that skull painting!

  8. I gave the general the box now I don’t know what to do at the wall ahhhhh

  9. 16:35 how did you figure out which buttons you had to press in order to make the mechanism work and reach the bunker?

  10. I enjoyed this game but found the last quarter of it a little disappointing. Is there a way to properly bury the skeletons body? I broke through with the pick axe and found him but you can’t then turn it back into a shovel? Also what’s the point of turning buckets into boxes and knives into screwdrivers if they had no purpose whatsoever? Maybe I’ve done something wrong but it just seemed poorly designed

  11. I've tried multiple times, but no matter what I do, when I try to break through the wall with the pickax, it tells me it's a waste of time

  12. Can you please just tell me where to find the stupid gear for that gearbox? I've skipped around this video and I see where you use it, but I'm ripping my hair out trying to figure out where it is!

  13. Why it doesn't let me put the chair down? Is there something you need todo before?

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