Easy Custom Retro Gaming Collection – Display & Setup

Put those old consoles to good use. Instead of leaving them in a wall unit to rot, put them on display for the world to see. Here’s how we set up our retro gaming shrine.

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Izzy’s Gameboy Setup ➤

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  1. Honey, that bob is Bobbin! lol hair flip

  2. Can you post a link to the boxes from the container store? I can't find them on their site, thanks!

  3. Thanks for your advice. I would've never figured it out how to put your game consoles the best way. I'm using a tv furniture. A standard shelving unit is too high and you are wasting a lot of space in between.

  4. Man can't wait till I have money

  5. Trying to figure out my collection display. Trying to find something that fits with my mid century modern decor.

  6. Is the big bookcase twice the size of the two smaller ones?

  7. Looks fantastic? Do you not have an Atari 2690??

  8. An alternative to those who cant afford Ikea's very high priced furniture ?

  9. Are these 2inch or 4inch height on the boxes you got at the container store?

  10. Could I get the link to where you put the cords? I couldn’t find them..

  11. I wanted to make some quality of life updates to my setup as well and also started a video on it as a way to "force" myself to do it 😀 Should be out in a few weeks!

  12. Super retro sammlung Gratulation

  13. Waow super gaming sammlung Gratulation super retro sammlung

  14. Nice! I like it. You should do one on how you display your games.

  15. I like the setup

  16. I make music for retro gaming.

    $ee my last video ; )

  17. Love the setup great video

  18. Love the setup, but no TV to play the games?

  19. Please cut your hair. Its jarring to look at the wiggly mess on top. Good content though.

  20. :26 is this what heaven feels like?

  21. I dont have them yet but i was thinking about glass display cases so the consoles dont get dusty. I had a nightmare trying to clean my ps2 and accidentally unplugging the power ribbon so I want to avoid ever doing that again lol

  22. Looks really nice, gave me some ideas! The Mega Man X posters looks awesome!

  23. the container store if freakin awesome just sayin

  24. Pleeease teach me how you set up your leds

  25. https://www.containerstore.com/s/glossy-black-collapsible-gift-boxes/d?productId=10029191&q=Storage%20box for anyone looking for the console accessory storage boxes. Went looking for them the other day and totally didnt take an hour to find them

  26. Got great ideas for my own setup!

  27. I display my gaming collection on top of my dresser

  28. I wanna do something like this in my room. I have some old systems that i love to play from time to time, i want to make it clean and beautiful!

  29. it's awesome, but i can imagen it can be unconfortable everytime you want to put a console to connect it, but it's closer to be my ideal <3, as you siad, those console have cooler retro designs that needs to be displayed in the room to expose their beauty <3, retro beauty

  30. I'm planning on doing some dope crap with my room

  31. Streaming with a phone to nes with good camera angle and able to see chat = Impossibru

  32. Well Ive disgraced retro gaming. I have 31 consoles in TOTES , for now , until we move , hopefully soon

  33. nice clean set up. Love your prints

  34. How do you keep such a setup dust free in an easy way?

  35. He advertised as much as possible while recording this video. Did any companies actually pay you to mention them or are you just recommending them?

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