Edwards syndrome

What is Edwards syndrome? Edwards syndrome is a chromosomal disorder where a person inherits an extra copy of chromosome 18 or a part of it.

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  1. Good video. I have Mosaic Trisomy 18.

  2. What about non-invasive prenatal testing? It's more accurate than nuchal translucency scans and actually tests the fetal DNA without the need of amnio as early as 10 weeks

  3. any atresia causes polyhydramnias

  4. Hi this was a great video but I just did a presentation using this video as an information source, and my professor said I’m wrong when I talked about Roberstonian translocation with respect to this disease, she said it was reciprocal translocation. This really frustrated me as I’d worked hard on my presentation. So Please make sure you post the most accurate information if you’re making videos that medical students will watch or Atleast put a big disclaimer in your videos to double check your information. Thanks.

  5. Nice prenatal diagnosis review!

  6. It helped me pass my final exam thooooo, love it

  7. is there a possibility to have a normal baby after having history of edward syndrome?

  8. I just found out my niece is born with this condition…. God punishes us in different ways.

  9. Thank you for the clear and concise information.

  10. Thank you for the great video! I just have one question: are you sure you can call the translocation robertsonian? I learned that robertsonian translocations only occur between acrocentric chromossomes, meaning chromossomes 13, 14, 15, 21 and 22.

  11. Really awesome … hope u made pharmacology videos too

  12. Edwards syndrome being the 2. most common trisomy after Downs is interesting! Is it globally or only in America? Great video btw! 😀

  13. This is a sad lesson but a big thank you

  14. Thanks osmosis for bringing us all these amazing videos! We love you!

  15. I was just reading about it right now , kind of freaked out , guess next is patau syndrome?
    Thanks a lot for the awesome contents

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