Eight Python math functions abs(), max(), min(), pow(), sum(), int(), float(), round()

This Python tutorial covers the first 8 math functions for beginners including integer using int() float using float() round using round() absolute value using abs() power using pow() maximum using max() minimum using min() and summation using sum(). We review our list of built-in functions and calculate a quick average all without loading modules, which will be saved for another Project. This closes out Project 3, stay tuned for more Python coming after HTML and CSS for Beginners coming next. We also practice with Linux commands and Python functions: python3, less, type(), help() and exit().

For the video script and all code examples see:

Also included is our stack which includes: Debian Linux, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Python for data analysis (Pandas, NumPy, SciPy) and presentation tools for the user experience such as Matplotlib, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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  1. Hey! At the 2:46 mark I said 95 when I meant to say 99, as I entered. Oops!! I hope you enjoy, and please leave a comment and let me know what you think. -Paul

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