Five-metre albino Burmese python captured from suburban Gold Coast home

This giant albino Burmese python, believed to be over five metres in length and weighing more than 80kg, is captured at a home in Oxenford, Queensland, on 22 March. Veteran snake handler Tony Harrison says it’s the biggest he has seen in his 27-year career. ‘The poor old lady who opened the front door to see it there got the fright of her life,’ he says. The snake, suspected of being an illegal pet, is a banned species in Australia, meaning it will probably be destroyed
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‘Fright of her life’: Gold Coast woman finds five-metre python on her doorstep ►

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  1. 'Fright of her life': Gold Coast woman finds five-metre python on her doorstep ►

  2. I wish they could have brought it to a zoo or something. They are rather docile, beautiful animals. The pythons in the Everglades are a bit different. I was sad to see they killed this one. She was someone's pet for quite a long time.

  3. Poor thing was put down. I understand that Australia’s laws make the snake illegal in that country (because it can escape and kill the wildlife) yet it still seems like an incredible waste of life to put such an amazing animal down like they did. It’s a shame it couldn’t have been sent to a zoo or out of the country.

  4. This is EXACTLY why we’re in this CRISIS!!! Kill or discard of anything we don’t understand….We humans have a lot to answer for as a species! 🤨🤔 Asolutely beautiful creature!!!

  5. That snake was extremely tame

  6. Beautiful creature. Could crush your neck quite easily though. 👀

  7. Did this escape from wuhan market??

  8. Banned species, probably destroyed? NO for heaven's sake, don not destroy!!! Such beautiful animal! Please let it live…at Australia ZOO, there is one already!!!

  9. They are rightly sorry for the 'poor thing' which just escaped with scars from bad keeping — and they are going to KILL IT??! Is there REALLY no other way to handle this? In other countries (like Germany) there are rescue stations, also for illegal reptiles!

  10. A few weeks ago, I'd have seen danger. Now I see food.

  11. you could give it to homeless who have rat problems

  12. Awww what! Can't they just fly it home and let it go in the wild? Surely that's possible rather than ending the poor innocent things life =/

  13. Oh, she's beautiful!! The poor girl or boy was abused and neglected and slithered away. Wow! Such a gorgeous creature. Thankfully they saved it.

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