FNAF Maker | Creating My Own Dope Fan Game

FNAF Maker

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  1. you should publish this to gamejolt its really good

  2. I'm cool watching you vids well I have air pods on

  3. WHERE DO YOU FIND THIS GAME and is it free?

  4. There is a builder mode on piggy

  5. how do i fix orange csreen when my animtronic is in camera

  6. How do you upload the game to gamejolt after compiling

  7. When I try to change the picture on it it stayed black

  8. Hay in the new one there is a Music box option and I want to learn how to use that but I don’t know how do y’all know how

  9. why did you not name endo? endo bendo.

  10. Super Mario Maker 3. FNAF Edition

  11. THIS EXIST?!?!?! NO WAY!!

  12. "1:56"
    If someone need something simply try atad.best/fnfar-guide-255
    Its cool for everyone!

    ඕනෑම කෙනෙකුට බොහෝ සම්පත් ලබා ගත හැකිය

  13. Dude how did you even get that I want to make my own jump scare game

  14. Mine fnaf fan game is called five nights at ericks

  15. This is the first video I’ve ever watched by xman

  16. hey can you say to me the dimenssions of the photos that i need to use to create the fan game?

  17. um somthing werid happened when i clicked on dis vid right when i clicked i paused and u said help XD

  18. im going to make my game called: five nights at gladiators


  20. This is probably how Scott Cawthon made his game…


  21. I want you to add glitch trap and he will say smell my fingers

  22. OMG I kinda want this game

  23. Pls link I wanna play it PLS

  24. Okay toy feddy is standing on your office but you didn’t put your mast instead you didn’t make toy
    Freddy jumpscare

  25. Your fan game looks funny but where are da others just only toy Freddy s d he’s weird funny face

  26. Thank you so much you helped me so much

  27. Does anyone have some FNAF maker files that i can use? I dont know how to make my own models for the offices and stuff

  28. I started playing Gmod because of you. Thank you

  29. I hate how the fan is off because I like sound

  30. So… I’m wanting to know if it’s possible to add multiple segments to the office (front, left, back, right) and if you can customize how the mask works

  31. It can't find the page can you reupload it on mediafire or mega? Please?

  32. I give this 999 out of 10

  33. does it work on mobile?
    and can you delete it?

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