Fragile X Syndrome – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

What is Fragile X syndrome? Fragile X syndrome is a type of genetic disorder that can cause intellectual disability. Find more videos at

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  1. Jos kommentoi raakile äksästä niin silloin laitetaan kommentit pois. NI. Ei siitä sen enempää & raakile x paskalla fideoustin

  2. I saw parts of this video copied on another video of fragile X syndrome.
    Do u have copyright? Or is it available for anyone to reproduce?

  3. Fantastic video! very well put and informative!

  4. Love the cute polymerases! Great video

  5. FMR1 is familial mental retardation.


  7. 2:23 "this is like getting lost in a video and watching the same part over and over"…. yh thats me in youtube videos trying to understand anything genetics related

  8. That location is not condensed in Fragile X syndrome though

  9. Thank you so much for this vídeo ! I am a Brazilian student and this “class” help me so much to understand the syndrome !

  10. Thank you so much, didn't catch the teacher at class, so lucky I found this video

  11. FMR1 = Control Z try again……..

  12. Shouldnt have watched.
    Now i think i have this, and want to die.

  13. The repeats amplify only during Oogenesis, not Spermatogenesis. Hence, the disease is less severe in father to child transmission.

  14. Tell us all again why this foul plague hasn't been culled from the face of the earth through eugenic euthanasia of the living vectors of cursed malformed seed.

  15. Like this if youre from Idubzz

  16. The confused DNA Polymerase is so funny. I'll Never forget that <3

  17. Niilo22 raakile-äx synkrooma tossaja& tämmöstä!

  18. Your videos are very helpfull thank u very much

  19. Is it X linked Dominant or X linked recessive?

  20. Very accurate! Maybe you should have added that men carrying the premutation will always pass the premutation on to all their daughters. Funnily it doesn‘t mutate any further when recieved from the fathers side.
    I‘m doing a lot of research myself since I‘m a premutation carrier and also found the following things, too:

    Female induviduals carrying the premutation are at highest risk for premature menopause when their repeats range from 80-100

    Only 20% of female premutation carriers will experience premature menopause

    Men are more likely affected by Fxtas due to the same reason as females being less affected by fragile x syndrom

    fragile x is so unpredictable and so few is known about it. I‘m excited for what science will find out about it in future!

  21. Can someone explain to me why the DNA Polymerase copies at 2:00 GCCGCCGCC instead of CGGCGGCGG. should it symbolize that he is confused ?

  22. Fragilexxxtentacion

  23. I love your videos… They are very very helpful.. thank you 😊

  24. Most of your videos are related to my course which is medical technology. It helps me a lot. Hopefully your can make more. Thank you very much.

  25. Hhhhhhhhh when DNA Polymerase gets confused 😂🤣 ..feel the same with some chapters

  26. 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  27. wow very helpful video, I have fragile x but My found out back in the 90s and doctors didnt knwo too much about it. fragile x is the main cause for depression anxiety social anxiety and low iq as well as many other struggles. Most Females are not severly affected like boys but some females do have struggle like myself. Thanks for sharing!

  28. amazing video.can you please upload a video on telomeres aging and cancer

  29. This video was SO helpful! Thank you so much!

  30. XBloodyDesiresX at 2:24 how dna polymerase can transcribe a rna ?

  31. I just want to thank for making it for free

  32. very nice.ı like this canal.

  33. it is also called Martin Bell s syndrome

  34. love the sound of confused enzyme <3

  35. Your videos are very helpful. Thank you so much!

  36. When it comes to genetic diseases please mention whether it is Autosomal or X-linked dominant or recessive type . FYI this is an X-Linked Dominant type.

  37. Found the channel some hours ago and wow, good job! I've never was a patron before but it wasn't even a question now: I became one of your supporter.
    Learning on Youtube is cool!
    (Guys, check Osmosis' Patreon page… they have nice wallpapers. 😉 )

  38. "This is like getting lost in a video and watching the same part over and over."

    Well played Osmosis, well played…

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