Frozen Elsa brain surgery doctor online game

Frozen Elsa brain surgery doctor online game

The first part of preparation for the surgery you can check out on this link

AND second part of preparation for the surgery is here

3) Clinical.

It is administered to all patients and includes additional clinical indicators of the patient’s medical condition. Necessary are:

An overview of the internist
RTG lung (in thyroid gland and RTG trachea).
Supplementary diagnostic procedures: for heart examination (EHO, Doppler blood vessels, Holter) lungs (spirometry, gas analysis of blood) additional kidney, liver, endocrinologists. ORL examination for thyroid surgery. If you need a UZ abdominal, CT abdominal and pelvic, chest.
4) Medication preoperative preparation

It relates to medications that are regularly taken by the patient due to chronic diseases that heals. Contemporary anesthesia implies “adjusting anesthesia to a patient rather than to an anesthetic patient.” Treatment of some chronic diseases that the patient has: regulation of sugar (glucose) in patients with diabetes, pressure regulation (TA) in people with high blood pressure, weight regulation in obesity-reducing diet and diets, treating an eventual infection. The most important thing is that the patient does not interrupt his regular therapy, except in case of oral anti-diabetics and anti-coagulant medication (usually after some cardiovascular surgery). In these cases, the patient is admitted to the hospital and “translated” according to the findings of laboratory analyzes on venous medication. Ideally, the smoker would stop smoking 2 weeks before surgery.

If necessary, in hospital conditions, laboratory findings are corrected prior to surgery (blood compensation for anemia and electrolytes according to findings).

It is introduced in the evening before the operation of Fraxiparin, as a prevention of deep venous thrombosis (in case of larger and more extensive surgeries at increased risk or if the patient has pronounced and enlarged veins).

It is desirable for the patient to drink a sedative before surgery, so that he could calmly spend the night before surgery.

5) Physical

Preparation of the operating field is done the day before the operation. Shave, bathing, dressing a clean personal lingerie. Depending on the type of surgery, additional purification of the intestine (by various means) is made in the preparation of patients with surgery on the intestine, the lava of the intestine. In the morning she does not drink, does not smoke, does not eat at the day of surgery, but takes her regular therapy early in the morning with a couple of sips of water. On the day of surgery, the patient is without makeup, no nail polish, no jewelry!

6) Direct.

It is good and practical to remind patients a few times that they do not eat and drink before surgery (usually from midnight). On the day of surgery, he removes an artificial jaw (prosthesis). The patient is cleaned into clean clothes and if surgery requires a urinary catheter or a nasogastric probe. With complete documentation, accompanied by a nurse, he goes to the operating block where patient identification is performed, checks the diagnosis and type of surgery and conducts premedication.

7) Premedication.

It aims to calm patients, prevent increased salivation of the saliva and prepare it for anesthesia. A safe intravenous line opens, measuring body weight because medicines and anesthetics are dosed by weight. At the doctor’s order, if such intervention, antibiotics can be given. Premedication is given 30 minutes before surgery and the goal is to achieve the strongest effect until the patient enters the operating room.

Preoperative preparation and examination of the patient, general health condition, type and scope of surgical intervention give an anesthesiologist a plan of work, chooses the most optimal type of anesthesia (general, regional, combined), minimizes complications and contributes to maximum safety and patient satisfaction.

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