Futurama FULL GAME Walkthrough Longplay (PS2, XBOX)

Futurama The Game Longplay Walkthrough FULL GAME No Commentary
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  1. Could never get past the sewer lmao

  2. I hope they re release on ps5 so I can play this. I could just buy it for my ps2 but its easier not to

  3. remake this game!!!!! it should have one…….but i guess nobodys got a load of votes from people woud buy this game up in a second if it was avalible on xbox one ps4 pc and switch….sombody needs to make a petition ….

  4. Oh WOW Is A Movie Is Great Allons-y

  5. Biggest mistake was making this into a 3D platformer shooter.
    If there were to ever be another Futurama game, I’d make it into the style of a Point and Click Adventure

  6. A hover car fight environment would have been better.

  7. It would've been better If the health bar picture was animated like the tv show

  8. How did you put stars on your username that is totally radical dudette

  9. Shame they never made a 2D Futurama arcade game like The Simpsons. Could have had a bonus stage like the first episode '…and then the gorilla starts throwing barrels at you'

  10. Has enyone ever noticed how fry always seems to turn on the TV at just the right moment?

  11. I played this for the first time today. It was ok but the platforming levels over the larva was really unforgiving/glitchy with jumps that I just decided not to bother and put it in the ‘sell back to CEX’ pile.

    It’s a shame as it was quite enjoyable and I was interested in the story but with polished platformers like Mario Odyssey out, it was just too outdated and not worth my patience.

  12. To quote bender: bite my shiny metal ass

  13. Is this the normal framerate of this game? It’s making me ill to watch

  14. I don't know why I mistaken this for the simpsons hit n run. Lol but I enjoy both games as a kid even though I spent more time walking around shooting stuff in this game lol

  15. My brother and I use to play that game on the PS2

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