Get Lower Abs in 14 DAYS! 5 min Beginner Friendly Lower Belly Workout, No Equipment

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Workout starts at 1:32


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  1. Guys this is no joke! I'm doing this for a week now and i see big differences. I tried everything to lose my lower belly fat and this workout is the one for me

  2. I’m so happy I found this channel, without these excercises I probably won’t be able to lose this fat, my stomach is now flat, thank you so much!! I’ve tried so much excercise for weeks, weeks turn into months, months turn into years, still no progress until now. Thank you so much!! I’m soo happyyy ❤️❤️❤️

  3. I love her exercise its easier to practice

  4. We should not start the exercise without warmup
    I believe..
    Warmup + this exercises will work better..

  5. I will do this everyday and document my progress with pictures and videos. I'll post the progress after two weeks

  6. I start today Tuesday June 30th, I’m back July 14th

  7. Should I do it in mrng or evening please tell me please tell mee

  8. Exercise so hurt but i will do the best i can

  9. I've been doing this for two days, i'll come back in a week to tell you if it is working

  10. At the first time, I thinks her workouts are lightly.
    Day 1: 01.07.2020

  11. Yapmaya başladım
    Bel inceliği : 77
    1. Gün : heryerim ağrıdı ama olsun
    2 .gün: yine yaptım hala her tarafım ağrıyor
    3.gun : çok rahatım hiç bi yerim ağrımadi, ağrımiho
    4.gun :
    5 .Gün:

  12. Ya hiç türk yokmu kendimi yanlız hissediyorum

  13. Hello, April …. I entered your channel and saw the routines you have to exercise … I found them excellent because they do not last long, and that would help me not to despair and abandon exercise ….. but I have a question …. is it recommended to do every day, all routines ??? or can they be alternated ???


  15. I'm doing this together with chloe ting's 2 weeks shred challenge. Hoping to get good results.

  16. Hi! Its me again and I'm gonna try it again!!! I want to stay fit and I need something like a hobby for quarantine days!💓

    Day 1✔: I'm doing it for one time today because I was busy and I'm feeling very tired after the exercise, and all I can say is PAIN!! On my belly, I can feel burning and I'm really sweating lol.

    Day 2✔: I'm good I guess, I feel burning on my belly

  17. My lower belly: 70cm.
    Day 1:✔

  18. Is it okay if we will wear shorts too?

  19. Are you seriously kidding me right now?…. oh please come on… for the Love of all that is good….you know you look good.. you dont even have a bloody belly!!!… 😡😡😡😡

  20. For me this exercise isn't too exhausted to work out, many thanks to you April 😊and its more effective if you do chloe ting's abs as well~ challenge yourself bc that's what you're here for.!

  21. Who else thinks that this is better than Chloe Tings😘😘

  22. I'll give myself 21 days in a row (3 weeks) to do this. Hopefully this will be the answer to my SOLE problem area which is my lower belly. Been doing intermittent fasting for more or less the past 4 years thanks to my mid shift work schedule. I only eat one big and one medium or small meal daily within my 8 hour eating window so this program by April is the only thing that I'm gonna change/add to my lifestyle. Will do this right after waking up and stretching, before taking any meals.

    Jun 30 / Day 1: 90.17cm / 35.5in (felt the burn on the 3rd exercise and had challenges with the plank part, but overall, was able to finish the entire thing. didn't even notice the time running!)
    Jul 1: 87.63cm / 34.5in (not really sure with the 1-inch decrease. it could just be water retention, the food i ate last time or perhaps a result of the workout, haha. nevertheless i'm enjoying april's program!)
    Jul 2:
    Jul 3:
    Jul 4:
    Jul 5:
    Jul 6:
    Jul 7:
    Jul 8:
    Jul 9:
    Jul 10:
    Jul 11:
    Jul 12:
    Jul 13:
    Jul 14:
    Jul 15:
    Jul 16:
    Jul 17:
    Jul 18:
    Jul 19:
    Jul 20: Tomorrow is supposed to be the start of my red days. Hoping to see results no matter how small!

  23. 1 день ✅
    2 день ✅
    Пока изменений в питании не делала, воду пью как обычно, 4 стакана в день. После упражнений боль проходит через час, делаю утром перез завтраком, иногда вечером второй раз
    3 день ✅

  24. So, I'm doing a lot of exercises to lose weight because I'm a little passed, I started doing this exercises and the ones to lose weight on the arms, I hope in one week I can see a difference and keep going with it.
    Today I started the ones of the belly and I have 2 days doing the arms, for more difference I'm doing them twice, please wish me luck!!!
    Day 1: ✔️

  25. ممكن فيديو عن بياض الفخدين💔

  26. Vidéo start at :1:33

  27. I'll do this in addition to my two main workouts, so I'm not too concerned about missing a few days.
    Day 1: ✅

  28. Let’s do it 2020/6/28 for two week 💫↗️

  29. hello i will do these exercises every day for two weeks

    Day 1: No difference
    Day 2: I can see a little bit difference and exercices are easier

  30. Делаю только один подход, но ещё занимаюсь упражнениями от Сhloe Ting.
    1 – ✅
    2 – ✅
    3 – ✅
    4 – ✅
    5 – ✅
    6 –
    7 –
    8 –
    9 –
    10 –
    11 –
    12 –
    13 –
    14 –

  31. I’m not exaggerating when I say I have tried an insane amount of workouts and nothing ever works, including Chloe Ting. but I do want to try this, so here we go:
    Day 1:
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:

  32. 27/06/2020


    : 76cm

    : 51,80 kg
    Dia 1: ✅

    Dia 2:
    Dia 3:

    Dia 4:

    Dia 5:

    Dia 6:

    Dia 7:

  33. My body is kind of skinny fat,although i work out so much,i still can't reduce fat.Someone help me,please! sorry i'm not good at english

  34. Chị có thể hướng dẫn tập thể dục theo kiểu hết người không ạ ví dụ như vai cánh tay eo hai bên eo chân trong 1 video được không ạ

  35. 毅力!

  36. Ты тощая

  37. Here goes
    Day1️⃣: one side hurts more than the next and I realize I'm really not fit.
    Day2️⃣: definitely feeling the burn

  38. Complete bs video you literally can't spot reduce fat how can people be so naive

  39. People in comments be like:
    Day 1: ✔️
    Day 2: ✔️
    R. I. P.

  40. All the exercises are for each day or it's only one for each day? (I hope I wrote this right, I don't speak english). 😳

  41. Im gonna try doing this because ive been gaining weight lately and my flat stomach went bye bye 😅
    Day 1: Completed, doesnt feel really different

  42. I think i have contributed to this video 1000 views.

  43. Please put in diet chart

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