Ghostbusters Level Pack – 100% Guide (All 10 Minikits/Citizen in Peril)

A 100% guide for the Ghostbusters level pack titled “Ghostbusters!” in LEGO Dimensions on the PS4. This shows the location of all 10 minikits as well as the location of Janine Melnitz in peril. Below are the time stamps for all of the minikits. Please use them to quickly skip to any collectible item you are looking for.

LEGO Dimensions (PS4) Series Playlist:

05:20 to 06:07 – Janine Melnitz in Peril – Requires relic detector & drone access ability
06:25 to 07:12 – Minikit #1 – Complete the puzzle
11:37 – Minikit #2 – Find and destroy 5 pictures (#1 07:46, #2 07:52 to 07:58, #3 11:11 to 11:15, #4 11:21 to 11:30, #5 11:35) – Requires relic detector and magic abilities.
13:24 to 13:49 – Minikit #3 – Requires x-ray vision ability
19:08 to 19:26 – Minikit #4 – Requires technology ability
19:37 to 20:16 – Minikit #5 – Requires super strength ability
29:20 to 29:45 – Secret Bonus Area – Requires relic detector and laser deflection
30:05 to 30:53 – Minikit #6 – Requires grapple ability
31:14 to 31:52 – Minikit #7 – Requires laser and drill abilities
31:54 to 33:17 – Minikit #8 – Requires magic ability
33:21 to 33:48 – Minikit #9 – Requires Ghostbuster + trap
34:52 to 36:07 – Minikit #10 – Requires cargo hooks


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  1. Was i the only one who was hoping to play through the movie like the back to the future level pack


  3. I tried putting Harley Quinn here since I have the dc comics team pack and guess what? Harley Quinn does not work in my toy tag

  4. we came we saw we kicked its ass

  5. I'm sure the answer is somewhere in this thread but I can't seem to find it. But what is the actual game called that this is from? What all is needed to play this game?

  6. venkman is a crazy driver who agrees?

  7. Lego Ghostbusters came out with sets…did you buy any of them?

  8. Wee have Lego dimensions and I have brought the characters Peter venkman, the ghostbusters car and the won't let us into the ghostbusters world as it say we have to upgrade.. How do we do this ? I'm not computer savvy at ? My 6 year old is better than me… Help someone please xx

  9. As much as I love the original movie, I love seeing the LEGO Ghostbusters get in a fight with the LEGO Walter Peck.

  10. And I miss Egon Spengler 😔😔😔😢😢😢❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. Egon Spengler is my number one ☝️ favourite Ghostbusters

  12. Wow, Wonder Woman tamed those two Terror Dogs and walked up to Gozer's Temple, Nice.

  13. Why did you delete your LEGO Dimensions Ghostbusters Level Pack video?

  14. If there’s something strange
    In your neighborhood
    Who ya gonna call?

  15. いやマシュマロマンキモすぎw

  16. We need an actual LEGO Ghostbusters video game for real!

  17. And this is still my favorite level pack

  18. Aw, boo! Have Pete say "We kicked its ass!" Come on!

  19. I hated that they only put this on Dimensions. I would love a Lego Ghostbusters video game. They could even include the cast from that god awful remake and from the cartoons.

  20. Me gusta los cazafantasmas

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