Hacknet – Full Walkthrough (1h)

Check out the 50-60 FPS version of this video here:


Longest video ever i uploaded! Took me 2 hours for Sony Vegas to render it.
This video contains third-parties content (Music), but good thing, it’s not even blocked on anywhere!

This video is a full playthrough of Hacknet, in 1 hour, i hope you enjoy it.
And thanks to you, Matt, this game is the best game i played.

Q: Why did you cut the video at 29:48?
A: My keyboard battery drained, and i have to replace it.

Q: How many times you finished the game?
A: Around 30 times.

Q: Where did you learn how to play?
A: Just.. look at the tutorial and the help command.

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  1. The fact you hack in Norton is fucking genius

  2. The final part is pure amazingness,
    since minute 52:40 I had the chills for the whole time!

  3. i don't understand nothing but very nice gameplay , how did you learn it?

  4. New youtube update blows

  5. Yoh why tf do u got to pay to download videos now

  6. no commentary so idk wtf you were doing.

  7. I can't find WebServerWorm.exe in any pc, after I got hacked, also, there is no Node X-22, where u got it in the video. Where else can I get this program?

  8. 11:19
    I got busted on this part, the guy hacked into my system and now I can't get back to my pc's interface. It got stuck on prompt command mode? Even if i load the file before it, nothing happens, it starts on the prompt thing. How to solve this? I tried every command on help display and nothing helps.

  9. WAT DA?!?! nstandford and murloc33 wont work O_O

  10. umm i got a diff ending instead i got attacked by a talented hacker? and yeah all i see is just the terminal

  11. took me like 5 hours if I played it full time, short game but awesome as hell.
    I did take 4 days, (TIME!).

  12. The time of this video is in binary code. LMAO

  13. At 14.46: You must crack the firewall. You type solve "a code" where can i find that code?

  14. In came up to the sequencer part, but when I type it it says "Program "hacknet.exe" is already running!" What do I do?

  15. if all's gone right, there's just one copy of Hacknet left to delete –
    and you're looking at it.

  16. hey, i got the part at 33:53 and my hacknet keeps asking for a password… and i can't find it…. Any suggestions

  17. You are a true pro at this game. How many times did the disk tray open?

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