Hello Rust! #2 – Snakes and Gears (Entry API, Python list comprehensions, Map, Filter)

Let’s talk about Python and Rust. I used to do a lot more Python than I do now, but I still love it for its beauty.

Important Links:
* Reading files using the [Rust Cookbook](
* [DevDocs]( is a nice Rust documentation viewer. Also supports a ton of other languages and works offline.

Missing something? Find even more information in the show notes:

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Keywords: iterators, map, filter, Entry API, List comprehensions

Hello Rust! is a show about the Rust programming language.
My goal is to address beginner and intermediate Rust questions and show that systems programming can be a lot of fun!

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  1. why devdocs? use => "rustup doc"

  2. let numbers: Vec<i64> = (1..100).collect();
    println!("{:?}", numbers);

    numbers doesn't need to be mutable.

  3. Thank you for the videos !

  4. Why did you have to borrow 3 at the end? Great video btw.

  5. Main can return Results though; so you don't need to unwrap anything

  6. OMG, I have just identical experience very time with Rust. Just "I guess it should have been designed this way.." , and then my terminal is filled with errors 🙂 BTW, cool videos. Thanks a lot

  7. You are really good !! 🙂

  8. Same… thing in Rust? hahaha, that is exactly how it feels going from Python to Rust sometimes.

  9. You've got a python background? Now I like your videos even more 🙂

  10. All that Python made me feel dirty.

  11. Very COOL VIDEOS DUDE!!!!!

  12. entry api! bitchin! thanks!

  13. I like how you leave the errors in and don't edit them out

  14. Thanks for a great video. I just started learning Rust myself, so some video material is really great.
    I have one correction though: The `len`-method of String, doesn't return the number of characters in a string, but the number of bytes. For the numbers of characters, you should do "string".chars().count().
    Keep up the good work!

  15. most of it went over my head but I enjoyed it. will look into rust in future now i'm just a beginner who is learning python

  16. Thanks for showing me devdocs. That's really great 😀

  17. Are you using VSCodeVim? also what font are you using? Nice videos! I'm really enjoying.

  18. Thanks this time audio works fine.

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