HIP HOP DANCE SCHOOL – Street Dancing Game – App Game

Hip Hop Dance School – Coco by Tabtale – Today we are playing a free app game called Hip Hop Dance School – Street Dancing Game where I find the best hip hop talent agent who lets me join her dance crew! My job is to create the perfect street style, choreograph my dance and make sure I hit the gym! Can I be the next best hip hop dancer!?

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  1. Hey remember me I invited u into my house in adopt me if you don't my username is tinalol500

  2. Who is watching in 2020 like me lol

  3. Can you try playing sweet Dance its a really fun game

  4. Zai:we can't have the same overalls as the backup dancer!

    Meh:U can't have the same hair as the backup dancer either!

  5. You have bad Fashion taste but I do like your channel

  6. I think it sounds like justine bieber

  7. Zai literally used the same dance and didn't notice

  8. Look at those thumbs down ooooo my friend hater imma hit u hard I got my fav YouTuber back

  9. one time the doctor gave me a shot and it did it hurt

  10. ĺllllllllllllllllove it

  11. i watch you vids eveeryday you make me happy

  12. Hi!!!!!! I love your videos

  13. Why do people comment or say things like (it’s gonna make her feel better) or (she’ll see this comment) or even (she was asking for it) like now you know why ytbers turn comments off

  14. Nice that’s kind of cute I like your top at Summers

  15. At 28:15 I am 100 percent she was looking at Ricky while singing because she was looking somewhere else and she was like I was sitting here and looking at someone

  16. Zai: let's make her hair brown because my hair is brown
    Me: It looks black to me

  17. How can you go to doctor my one is locked

  18. my siser watchingyour vid

  19. i have downloud the game along time ago i am 10

  20. I can do that whit my eyes shut and you think that WAS COOL I love you zai but u r so last Saturday guss this dace 🤗🤗🐺🐺💋👌🏻🚶🏻‍♀️🎤now that’s a good move 👍

  21. Zai in adopt me I made you character in adopt me ,I put a blue and yellow flower crop top on,Blue or white pants,Sunflower,black ponytail,and a flower crown,

  22. Love your videos I love you

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