How to Beat the DEATH GAME in "CIRCLE" (2015)

If you were forced to participate in an aliens sick game of who lives and who dies, what could you do?

In this video on Nerd Explains. I’ll tell you how to beat Circle.

I’m going to throw us onto one of the red circles and see how we fare. We don’t have perfect knowledge and we don’t know how this ends, we know what the characters know at the start. Can we beat this situation? Let’s find out.

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  1. Not gonna lie when that kid killed the pregnant woman and the child that was smart. Fucked up? Yes. Smart? Absolutely.

  2. Anyone know the song name at the end? I already tried searching through the artist's channel but can't find the one used in the video. Thanks.

  3. If you speak you die
    If you don’t speak you die
    Hmmm seems fair

  4. this is a buzzfeed game but extreme

  5. I just watched this movie a long time ago and i still wonder why tf they left us with the most questioning ending

  6. The way you put random scene make my mind more confused.

  7. "are you fucking kidding me? go wahoos?" that shit was funny af i love this channel

  8. I would just kill my self atlease it fast

  9. how come someone who's pregnant only counts as one person and not an unborn baby and the woman. or what would happen if someone gave birth in the circle

  10. If you let the pregnant women win then two people get out of it alive

  11. What’s the movie at 9:05?

  12. Who will kill a child if they get bs

  13. The narratot tells on how and tips in this movie
    Me: Oh well, i will forget about it when i fall asleep

  14. If it’s last man standing type of deal. look at the people and vote who you want to live instead of die. This creates good hearted people for closure to the end of there lifespan. Count till the last second so when the timers up for the person who is next that steps off the platform. That way it buys time to inevitable defeat. Lastly socialize and be human because that’s how we mainly survive thus making the situation easier on themselves.

  15. What if u use a human shield , I mean that is death , the death ray could come trough, or if u sacrifice jumping into were the ray comes and block it?

  16. I understand but I just wouldn’t die I’m just built different

  17. Honestly when I saw that the deaths were basically instant and without pain I was like "alright time to leave the meat suit"

    The only thing keeping me in this cage is the fear of a slow and painful death

  18. If I were the guy with the little girl and the mother I would jump off towards the mother where she can try to grab my body and use it as a human shield. Then she steps off the circle and the gun shoots my dead body, and hopefully the machine will think it killed the woman. That way the child and the pregnant woman survive. Those are the two who should be left alive and it’s the only chance they have where both survive.

  19. if it was realistic someone there would have been wearing something religious or political or a shirt with a band/ celebrity that could be tied to some scandal thus offending other people in the group. imagine having on a trump shirt or a chris brown concert tour shirt that you were wearing at the time of the abduction. someone would be like "i hate chris brown he beats women therefore you support women beaters i vote you out" with this in mind i'm wearing plain clothing just in case i ever get abducted into some shit like this. "you're wearing nikes??? they use child labor" zap you're dead

  20. "Omg she got a B. Let's kill her."
    As an Asian child, I felt that 😭

  21. Aliens only gets a strongest person that will not be afraid to them. If you saw a Alien that means your strong and they will get you. That's what my dad saids Tnt

  22. Thanks for the tips, i was a bit scared that i would lose playing this game when i get abducted by aliens.

  23. What if you were simply strong enough to survive the electric blast.

  24. Maybe the warning thing about stepping out of the circle was not given to that dead lady in the beggining because she had her whole foot go out whilst the other lady had only a part of her foot go out

  25. I don't understand how at the end the women died imediently when the guy voted even though the two minute timer wasn't up, it's not like everyone voted either because the woman hadn't.

  26. Imagine if there had been more than one pregnant lady 🤔

  27. So no ones going to talk about how the other pregnant women got out of the circle? 🤔 if the pregnant women were the last to stand , they would have to choose between them or their baby like how what happened to the other female. . .

  28. Did anyone in the movie actually try to jump onto other empty circles?

  29. Yo, what if everyone stepped off their plates all at the same time, the beam can only kill one person at a time right? So what if everyone stepped off and looked for an exit or try breaking the ship somehow?

  30. It would be a pretty cool game to play but with nerf guns of course

  31. Who else wanted to punch that old man with glasses in the mouth

  32. Can we talk about Dexters wife Rita is randomly in this B movie

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